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Ably founders Raj and Akhil Shah noticed there was a significant problem with the synthetic performance apparel in the retail market. They set out to design a better option that is more convenient for the user, and more environmentally sustainable. By activating their products with a proprietary technology called Filium, natural fabrics became stain and odor-resistant, ultimately decreasing the amount of washes needed and minimizing our collective carbon footprint. As Ably prepared to launch its brand through Kickstarter, the team approached Curator seeking ways to build awareness for the apparel and Filium technology, generate revenue, and establish a base of backers who share the same passion for the environment and desire for convenience as Ably. This clothing line is unlike anything on the market; and that was the challenge. It’s easier to be a strong second contender to hit the market after the first-to-market player exhausts time and resources educating media, influencers and consumers about both the need and benefits of the product. With that in mind, Curator leveraged its network to introduce the company and build momentum, while allowing the product to amaze, inspire and tell its own story… with a little help.


To break through the noise and build a base of loyal backers, Curator devised a plan to partner with mid-level social media influencers and appropriate reporters at popular local and national media outlets to start generating buzz among the business, tech and travel realms. To ensure we reached people who would authentically engage with the brand, we dove into extensive research to find press, bloggers and social influencers who live active lifestyles and would see Ably apparel as more than a promotional partnership, but instead, a brand that fits into their lifestyle.  

We knew just telling these folks about the clothing’s capability wouldn’t get the job done. We needed to show them. We made them true brand believers by placing an Ably shirt in their hands and asking them test it out for a week straight, proving the shirt can stand up to whatever comes its way. By connecting and building relationships with the right people and giving them the opportunity to see, first-hand, how Ably compliments their lifestyle, we were able to generate meaningful coverage, honest reviews and strong supporters among travelers, adventurers, techies, moms, and average Joes alike.


Ably was the most popular retail project and second most popular Kickstarter out of 4,695 projects when it closed.