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How do you launch a clothing brand to compete against some of the apparel industry’s most well-funded giants? It’s a daunting question. That was the challenge our client Ably Apparel faced in June of 2016. One thing’s for sure, when you’re competing against brands that enjoy unaided global recognition, you can’t trickle into the market and expect to stay; you have to make a splash and build fast momentum. They turned to us to accelerate brand awareness. Now let’s add another wrinkle in: Ably created a propriety technology called Filium that allows natural fabrics to be odor and stain resistant. You know how your Dri-Fit shirt stinks? Yeah, everyone’s does. It’s because of the synthetic material. Because Ably apparel is made of natural fibers treated by Filium, not only does it not stink, you don’t have to wash it as much either, which is better on the environment. It’s amazing, but it’s an added challenge when trying to educate and excite reporters and influencers on a brand they’ve never heard of with technology nobody knew existed. Ably launched its brand through Kickstarter, a platform where success and failure lie in the hands of the public. Our job was to gain massive awareness to drive people to the Kickstarter. We succeeded.


To build a base of loyal backers, Curator partnered with mid-level social media influencers and connected with reporters at popular local and national media outlets to generate buzz among the business, tech and travel realms. To ensure we reached people who would authentically engage with the brand, we dove into extensive research to find the right targets that lived active lives and would see Ably as a brand that seamlessly fits into their lifestyle. We knew just telling everyone about the clothing’s capability wouldn’t get the job done. We needed to show them. We made them true brand believers by placing an Ably shirt in their hands and asking them to test it out for a week straight, proving the shirt can stand up to whatever comes its way. By connecting and building relationships with the right people and giving them the opportunity to see how Ably compliments their lifestyle first-hand, we were able to generate meaningful coverage at a global level, honest reviews and strong supporters.