The Curator News Feed: December 19, 2014

With Christmas just around the corner, we'd like to highlight some of our favorite holiday reads from the internet this week. We'll show you 18 Instagram accounts that will make you hungry, the A-Z cultural trends to look for in 2015, 23 things you might not know about Love Actually, plus some exciting client reads from around the world.

Ad of the Day: Apple Goes Back 60 Years to Find Its Lovely Holiday Ad for 2014, ADWEEK - "Technologies evolve, but love is timeless. That's the message of Apple's quietly poignant 2014 holiday commercial, which broke Sunday. And indeed, exactly one-half of the ad is about non-Apple tech from 60 years ago—namely, the Voice-O-Graph machine, which allowed people in the 1940s and '50s to record their voice directly to vinyl records."

Amazing. Simple and emotive. Their work is beautiful and so is this spot. - Scott

#illridewithyou: Australians support Muslim neighbors during Sydney hostage crisis, Vox - "As the Sydney hostage crisis continues to unfold, thousands of Australians have joined a spontaneous movement of solidarity with the country's Muslims. Using the hashtag #illridewithyou, people from around the country have offered solidarity (as well as rides) to Muslim Australians who might otherwise feel uncomfortable or unsafe wearing religious garb in public. The hashtag took off, and had been tweeted more than 100,000 times within hours of its first use."

Stuff like this is why we should even have social media in the first place. - Paul

What Happened When I Lived According To The Pinterest Popular Page, Buzzfeed - "As someone who has defended the site against its critics, I decided to dive in to try to find out if its reputation is deserved."

Kind of tempted to try and live via Pinterest for a week..or just actually try some of the s*** I pin! - Chelsey

18 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow In 2015 If You Love Food, Buzzfeed - "Photos so good you'll want to eat your screen."

I'll definitely be adding a few of these accounts to my IG lineup. - Jennifer

A-Z Culture Glossary of 2015: The Trends You Need to Know to be Relevant, Slideshare - "Moving at the speed of culture and staying relevant is challenging for brands and people alike. We all want to be culturally in sync in 2015."

Anonymous apps like Snapchat and Secret, the Beyonce drop, and 2015's color of the year, this list has it all. - Anna

23 Things You Might Not Know About 'Love Actually', Mental Floss - "Christmas is all around us, so come on and let it snow! Let us all gather before the glow of the television and enjoy the smorgasbord of fun, romance, and star power that is 2003's Love Actually. This year, show off to family, friends, and flirtatious co-workers by sharing all these fun facts about the film's making and impact."

It's not the holidays until I've watched "Love Actually" at least 12 times. - Ann Marie

Someone Went From 3.6 Million Instagram Followers To 8 Today. Eight., Elite Daily - "Earlier this week, narcissists around the world were shocked to see their follower counts on Instagram plummet after the company deleted millions of spam accounts."

Justin Bieber just lost 3.5 million Instagram followers, CNN Money - "The "Baby" crooner lost a whopping 3.5 million followers after Instagram purged all the spam and deadweight from its site this week. Fake accounts comprised nearly 15% of Bieber's Instagram following."

Instapurge was very real and this cracks me up. - Chelsey

Client Reads

Top 100 IGCs: #heyswansons, how did you get so good at social media?, Garden Center - "How a hashtag and other unconventional marketing efforts helped Seattle-based Swansons Nursery start real conversations with customers online and increase sales."

Pretty proud of this piece of client coverage (3 months in the making)! - Jennifer

Magical Mystery on the Sea of Cortez, Chicago Tribune - "Some say it's the rugged Sierra de la Giganta mountains that make the magic, rising behind the resort to leave guests gasping for adjectives. Others say it's the divine Mexican cuisine, the best they've ever tasted."

Los Angeles Gift Card #Giveaway: The Shops at Montebello's Countdown to Christmas, That's It Mommy - "The Shops at Montebello in Los Angeles is the place to shop this holiday season. I recently visited for a Christmas shopping spree and here were my 6 favorite stops."

Personal shopping services expand at Fashion Valley, Mission Valley News - "The personal shopping program at Fashion Valley is simple: two hours of complimentary engagement that is prefaced with a “style assessment” customers complete. The personal shoppers can do the shopping for the customer or escort the customer through the stores."




#DearSanta: A Social Media Wish List for 2015

When a new social media channel announces an update, all social media managers and strategists hold our breath in hopes this is to make our lives easier and clients happier. In 2014, Twitter gifted us the mute button, Snapchat allowed for advertising, Facebook discontinued the use of ‘Like-gating’ and as of today, Instagram gave us new filters. We’ve come a long way but there are a few other features I’d like Santa gift us this year. 

Multiple Logins on Instagram
With a large percentage of brands embracing Instagram in 2014, I’m lost to what has kept Instagram from allowing a multiple login process yet. With this simple granted wish, it could save me those hours of sleep I woke up in a panic scared I put my #ootd (outfit of the day) post on my client’s account (never has happened for the record.) 

141 Characters on Twitter
I respect the character max on Twitter and encourage due to the rambling we run into on Facebook but sometimes just ONE more character is all you need to craft the perfect tweet. 

Edit Photos on Facebook Posts
For those unforeseeable mistakes, it’s helpful for Facebook to allow us to adjust copy to fix spelling errors, grammar or just last minute changes. But what if Facebook allowed you to keep your post but change your photo? Eureka! With our clients, graphics are sometimes vital to communicate sales information but in retail, changes happen so come on Facebook!

Clickable Links in Instagram 
Are you sick of seeing “(Link in Profile)” in photo captions? I am! The process adds an extra step to the user experience driving them away from the newsfeed to the profile then to the link. Is there anything worse than losing your place while scrolling your Instagram feed? I’d love to see clickable links available in Instagram captions but I suggest this with caution hoping to not move away from the creative outlet Instagram provides!

What do you want from Santa for social  media next year? Tweet me @brookeandersen!

The Curator News Feed: December 12, 2014

Happy National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day to everyone out there! Thank you to Brooke and Ann Marie for the beautiful sweater pic. We'd like to end our festive week with a roundup of the latest and greatest news from the World Wide Web, as well as some client highlights. 

Facebook Search now lets you find specific posts, not just people, The VergeThis is about to make every social manager's life way more convenient. - Paul

Learn How to Block Your Ex and More in Facebook's Cute, Quirky Tutorial Videos, ADWEEKThese are life survival skills in the social media age. - Brooke

Hipsters Are Hanging Christmas Tree Decorations From Their Beards, Elite DailyBut of course this is a thing - Chelsey

Ad Age's 2014 Marketer of the Year: Under Armour, Ad AgeLooks like someone is finally competing with (and possibly beating...?) Nike - Brenna

THE CFO OF GETTY IMAGES ON MAKING THE PATH TO THE C-SUITE EASIER FOR WOMEN, Fast CompanyPractical and inspiring thoughts from the CFO of Getty Images on female leadership in the C-Suite. - Ann Marie

Client Reads

The Perfect Christmas Tree {at Swansons Nursery}, Alexandra Hedin 

Entrepreneurs use Whole Foods as path for growth, Business Vancouver

GIFTS FOR GUYS, San Diego 6 

The ‘aquarium of the world’ awaits you in Loréto, Mexico, The Star 

Mexico's No. 1 Baja Beach Resort: The Villa del Palmar, South of Loreto, Huffington Post Another great article as a result of one of our FAM trips earlier this year to VDPL - Noelle

Grant Isaac's Make-A-Wish Dream at Macy's Today, Seattle Met

How to Shuck Oysters – DIY Oyster Platter, A Well Crafted Party - Jenni attended the Whole Foods Market Holiday Event in Portland; learned how to shuck oysters and pair them with seasonal wines! - Anna

The Curator News Feed: December 5, 2014

It's officially December ya'll! And with that comes some Christmas news and holiday-focused client reads. So, sit back and enjoy the exciting things happening on the internet this week. 

3 Of Washington’s Best Christmas Festivals, Seattle RefinedSANTA IS COMING! - Brooke

Friends: The Movie (2015 Trailer), YouTubeI don't know what this is, but I have a mix of emotions and questions about it... - Chelsey

32 Dog Selfies That Changed The World In 2014, BuzzfeedDog selfies are the best kind (next to #goatselfies of course) - Chelsey

The World's Largest Starbucks is the Willy Wonka Factory of Coffee, Fast Company This is what heaven looks like. - Ann Marie

Taylor Swift, Sam Smith up for record of the year Grammy, KOMO News - T-Swift is brought up at least once a day around here. It's only natural that we share this news. You go, T! - Anna

Green cat getting plenty of attention in Bulgaria, KOMO News - I WANT - Anna

Travel Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is here! And that means so is holiday travel – probably the most hectic time of year to take a trip. So, I’ve put together a few pro-tips to keep you sane as you embark on your journeys near or far this holiday season – hope it helps!

1.    Plan. The most foolproof way to enjoy holiday travel is to plan. Waiting until the last minute to book or pack can sometimes cause anxiety and stress. Although we sometimes can’t avoid those last-minute changes, planning as much as possible in advance has never steered me wrong!

2.    Pack lightly. An easy way to enjoy traveling is to pack light. This makes it easier to transport luggage, so you’re not knocking people out with your 75 lb. bag in the airport. Or, if you’re road tripping (which comes with a whole other set of traveling tips) you’ll have more room in the car for necessities (like snacks) and legroom.

3.    Leave early. The holiday season is a crazy one – everyone’s traveling, shopping and constantly on the move. Whether you're traveling a short distance to get to the airport, or traveling hours over the hill and through the woods to grandmother's house, the roads are bound to be busy, there will be unexpected accidents or fluke weather, so leave early to save some stress.

4.    Bring a book. Regardless if you're traveling to a relative’s or away to an exotic vacation destination, bring a book. Reading, unlike watching TV, can help give you some real time at the end of the day to sit back, relax, and dive into an alternate world.


5.    Stay calm. No matter what happens – stay calm. This is the happiest time of year (right?). So enjoy the lights, the tree, the candles, the food, the family – and stay calm.

Hope these little reminders come in handy. And if you are traveling this holiday season I wish you the happiest of travels!

The Curator News Feed: November 28, 2014

We hope everybody had a great Turkey Day! Here's your weekly roundup from the Curator team. It includes some of our favorite reads from around the web and some places you can read about our clients.

App Developers Team Up With Apple For World AIDS Day, Buzzfeed - Kim Kardashian, Clash of Clans, and Angry Birds team up to fight AIDS...? - Brenna


This Agency Made a Really, Really Big Deal of Hiring Its 100th Employee, and He Wasn't Expecting It, ADWEEK - This is awesome. You know any day that starts with a note warning you things are about to get weird is going to be a good day. - Chelsey

Lowes's Profile, VineLowes' use of Vine to unveil Black Friday deals is pretty darn clever. - Ann Marie

Look Inside Pioneer Square's Impressive New Good Bar, Seattle EaterWe're about to get yet another awesome bar here in Pioneer Square. Here are pictures. - Paul

Client Reads

#HeySwansons: Christmas Tree Shopping at Swanson’s Nursery, Paoloa Motolla Jr 

It’s time for the Saints to go marching, The Seattle Times Blog

For the holidays: Mall survival tips, UT San Diego

Fashion Valley's Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, Discover SD

Celebrate the Arrival of The Shops at Mission Viejo's Updated Dining Pavilion, OC Foodies

San Diego Holiday Shopping: Gift Spots and Ideas, USA Today 10 Best

Whole Foods in Eugene: 'No two stores are alike', KVALLove to see the growth and expansion of Whole Foods Market throughout the Pacific Northwest. Next up: Eugene! - Chelsey

Thanksgiving Takeout: Where to eat out or pick up your Thanksgiving meal, Downtown Seattle - There's no shame in a lovely chef-prepared takeout turkey dinner! - Ann Marie

4 Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Drive In-Store Sales

Online retailers have been dominating the social landscape, but with 51% of shoppers researching online and purchasing in store there’s plenty of room for more retailers to bridge the digital gap. Here’s four ways to increase sales by incorporating social media into your brick-and-mortar store.

Showcase Social In-Store

Nordstrom started the trend of brining social networks in-store with everyone’s favorite discovery platform, Pinterest. They highlight top pinned items with special signage throughout the store. Not only does this make it easier for customer to find their “Pinspiration,” it also provides social proof and creates a unified user experience across the store’s digital and physical channels.

Offer Incentives

Reward fans for sharing their experience with organized or random giveaways and freebies. Last year, South African retailer Urban Hilton Weiner let customers use selfies as a form of currency. Anyone who tweeted their selfie to the @UrbanSelfie account was rewarded a $10 gift card and was entered to win a new wardrobe from Urban.

Provide Value

Our client, Swansons Nursery is letting Seattle customers "Pick the Perfect Tree" via Facebook and Twitter simply by using #heyswansons. Their tree experts work with you to find the right tree then place it on hold so you can come take a look at what they’ve set aside for you.

Extreme Couponing

Use Facebook Offers or simply tweet in-store promo codes or coupons to get your followers lining up at your door. International flame-grilled chicken restaurant Nando’s replaced their traditional direct mail coupons with Facebook offers and saw 60% higher redemption rates while lowering their cost per guest by more than 85%.


There’s a lot that can be learned from these big (and small) brands bridging the digital gap. What ways does your brand use social media to drive in-store sales?

The Curator News Feed: November 21, 2014

A scientific 7-minute workout, the introduction of Snapcash, and Thanksgiving recipes from every state - we've got all that and more in this week's Curator News Feed.

Uber & Spotify Just Took Ride-Sharing To The Next Level, Refinery29Really wish Seattle was on the list of cities for this genius partnership! Game changer! - Chelsey

Cinerama to reopen with new tech, gourmet food, beer and wine, KING 5What's better than chocolate popcorn? Chocolate popcorn and WINE! Cinerama just got better. - Brooke

Facebook’s Working on a Social Network for the Office, NewsweekHere at Curator, we've been using a Facebook group as a way to preserve inbox space and of course as a place to share all the awesome cat videos we come across. Curious to see if this rolls out and what features will be offered. Something to keep an eye on. - Chelsey

HOW ROY CHOI BUILT AN EMPIRE FROM ONE BEAT-UP TACO TRUCK, Fast CompanyI've been interested in this guy and what he's building for the last few years. Loving what you do is a powerful force. - Scott

Introducing Snapcash, Snapchat - If you're on Snapchat you probably saw this video yesterday. You can now send cash to your friends via the new Snapcash feature. Sounds like a step towards brands using the app for ecommerce. - Maren

The United States of Thanksgiving, The New York TimesDo you agree with your state's recipe? - Jennifer

Anna Kendrick Makes Something Out of Nothing in Kate Spade's Holiday Ad, ADWeekThis is my favorite holiday ad thus far... - Jennifer

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout, The New York Times Blog Do you have 7 Minutes? Then you have time for a workout! The stretch between September and New Year's Eve is incredibly busy at Curator. This workout is great in a pinch. And they even introduced a new, advanced version for any overachievers out there. - Ann Marie

What Serial Gets Wrong, GawkerYou've probably heard of Serial at some point in the last few weeks. If you haven't listened to it yet, let me spoil one thing: It's exactly as addictive as everyone describes. However, it also has one big, as-yet-unresolved problem: While it does a great job of addressing matters of fact, it has given virtually no time to matters of law—specifically, was this convicted murder fairly convicted? Gawker does a good job here of summing up why this is such a big deal. - Paul

Client Reads

Photos: Swansons Nursery's 2014 Holiday Premiere Night - Seattle Refined

Macy's 2-ton star ready for lighting ceremony - KING 5 - KING 5 paid a visit to the downtown Seattle Macy's on Wednesday for a sneak peek at what goes on to get ready for the My Macy's Holiday Parade and Star Lighting on November 28!

AT&T tops Raleigh performance report, Triangle Business JournalRootMetrics is releasing mobile performance results on 125 cities across the U.S. Here's what the Triangle Business Journal had to say about results in Raleigh, NC. - Ann Marie

Local shops support Legacy Meridian Park efforts, Portland Tribune'Tis the season of giving! Nice to see Whole Foods Market Tigard included in this roundup of local Portland shops fundraising for Legacy Meridian Park. - Chelsey




My Favorite Photos from Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto

Earlier this month I wrapped up my last press trip for the year to Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto. If you haven't yet heard of the Islands of Loreto, check out my previous post on the top 10 reasons to love this place. It really is a hidden gem - something so special it's hard to describe in words. Luckily, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why I'm sharing my favorite personal shots from this year's press trips for you to enjoy!

E-mail me at if you want to learn more!

The Curator News Feed: November 14, 2014

Hope you're having a beautiful November! As we round out another week, let's reflect on what happened on the Internet: cocktails to get your family drunk on Thanksgiving (like that doesn't already happen), the Rosetta mission comet-landing making history, a smartphone-turned-Polaroid camera, and much more... 

21 Big-Batch Cocktails To Get Your Family Drunk On Thanksgiving, Buzzfeed - It's the most wonderful time of the year. - Ann Marie

The Rosetta comet landing has made history, The Washington Post - Humans did something they've never done before on Wednesday morning: They landed a spacecraft on the surface of a comet. There is no way to adequately describe the scale of this project. It took 10 years from launch to landing, flew more than 500 million miles, and in the end, barely succeeded*. The comet it landed on is made up of the leftovers of the stuff that created our Solar System, so as one member of the project said, "It's like doing archaeology, but instead of going back 1,000 years, we can go back 4.6 billion." Truly amazing stuff.

*Update on "barely succeeded": The lander ended up on its side, in the shadow of a cliff, where it won't be able to collect enough solar power to recharge its energy cells. At this point, it's a race to extrapolate as much data as possible, in hours instead of months. Still, this mission is a huge success. Paul

The cubicle gym - How I used science to make my work day freakishly health, Vox - I don't wanna sell you guys any snake oil, but I'll try just about anything to squeeze in more exercise throughout the day and offset the ill effects of sitting at a desk all day long. - Paul

EBay pushes PayPal in its new scheme to bridge digital and retail shopping, Venture Beat - Did someone say Clueless closet?! - Chelsey

The Prynt Case Turns Your Smartphone Into A Polaroid Camera, Tech Crunch -  Gimme gimme!! - Brooke

How to Make Thanksgiving Better, According to a Bunch of 8-Year-Olds, Bon Appetit - What's wrong with this kid? “Mashed potatoes are disgusting. They’re all mushy. I spit them in the garbage once and never told anyone—until now." - Jennifer