The Curator News Feed: July 31, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! It's a great weekend to be a Seattleite, between resigning our QB and Seafair we have a lot to celebrate. But first, the Curators have put together a list of our favorite reads and some client coverage for your enjoyment. Have a wonderful weekend, until next time! 

Amy’s Kitchen Is Starting a Vegetarian Drive-ThruTime

The Seven Places to Eat in Seattle Right NowBloomberg Business, PSQ is looking hot! London Plane and Taylor Shellfish made the list - Anna B. 


Why the traditional ad agency is a dying breedMashable, The way ad agencies can get around this problem is to begin thinking like PR agencies. - Scott 

Russell Wilson Reportedly Agrees to New Contract with Seattle SeahawksBleacher Report, Well everyone, it's finally happening! - Anna T. 

HOW DAVIDSTEA IS TRYING TO MAKE TEA COOLFast Company, My go-to tea supplier knows what's up! -Brooke 

Client Coverage 

Simon Property Group

Maternity fashion finds for Alaskan moms-to-beKTVA Alaska 

New Stores to Open at Premium Outlets on August 13The Independent 

Friday GMNW- Back to School with the Mall Parts 1-3KVEW TV

Waikele Premium Outlets Back to School SaleHawaii Mom Blog 

Villa Del Palmar

Some pampering for the post-Pampers set at Grand VelasTravel Weekly

Washington's Lottery 

Quincy woman wins $1 million with state lottery scratch ticketiFIBERONE News

Chehalis Woman Hits the Jackpot With $4.5 Million Lotto Ticket Purchased by AccidentThe Chronicle 

J&D Food's

Bacontrepreneur Rolls Out New Products at Walmart, Haggen, Food & Beverage Magazine 

Bacon Salt Inventor Adds New Flavors To Crouton LineupThe Shelby Report





The Curator News Feed: July 24, 2015

Cheers to another week full of brilliant ideas. Check out the latest we've been reading below, as well as some client reads from this week. As always, HAGS.

Instagram's powerful new search is now on the webMashable

These Emoji Flashcards From Domino's Will Teach You How to Talk to Your Kids, ADWEEK

Seattle's roof decks - from the air, Seattle PI, Rooftop decks are where it's at in Seattle! - Brooke

Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2015 Collection makes fashion into art… literally, The Fox is Black, This is some crazy shit. You've gotta love the creativity involved. - Paul

McDonald’s All-day Breakfast Is Coming, Time, Game. Changer. - Anna B

Look Out, Coconut Water. Maple Water Could Be the Next Big Thing, ADWEEK, I want to try this! - Audrey

THE SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN WAY TO HAVE THE BEST VACATION EVER, Fast Company, If you're summer vacation is still ahead of you, read this to ensure you have the best vacation EVER. - Ann Marie

Client Reads

Sweet: Man's pursuit of milk and cookies yields winning lotto ticket, AJC

DO WHAT YOU LOVE: CHRIS LANELife With Style, A nice profile piece on Chris Lane, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Fashion Valley. - Noelle

Biz Buzz: Premium Outlets announces new hires, Daily Republic

So close, and yet so far, Lucire, Great coverage from one of our recent FAM trip participants to Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto. - Noelle

Travel Hotspot: Villa Del Palmar Loreto, Mexico, Inspired by this

UGG Australia opens first Hawaii outlet store in Central Oahu, Pacific Business News

Camarillo Premium Outlets Welcomes New Additions This Summer, So Cal City Kids

J&D's Foods - Check it out, the creators of Bacon Salt just release three new and delicious crouton flavors.

In the Spotlight: Bacon Crouton Varieties, Progressive Grocer

J&D's Pretzel Bread Croutons, Specialty Food


How to Make Instagram's Web Search Work for You

Social media managers did a happy dance this morning when Instagram implemented search functionality for the web. A day in the life of a social media manager involves lots of multi-tasking between your mobile phone and laptop. When you’re working in Excel, responding to e-mails and checking Facebook pages, having to jump to another device can slow down productivity. Here are a few tips to make this new Instagram functionality do some work for you.

Bookmark Brand Locations 

To do social media well, you can’t be selfish and only focus on what you do. Browsing Instagram content that has been tagged with your physical footprint shares tons of insights for your business. Bookmarking these locations in a folder will allow them to be more accessible at a moment's notice. 

Find Brand Advocates Fast

Finding your brand advocates is a social media manager's dream. These wonderful gems make your job easier and help tell your story to their circle of friends. They might not have a blog but they sure are influencing positivity across your brand. Search those location tags to find those already talking about your brand and please, celebrate them!

Discover hashtags 

This is a small but worthy mention. When Instagram allowed hashtag views via desktop, that was a game changer; but now, instead of having to perfectly type in that web address, Instagram will do a smart search for you. It also allows you to do a quick search during that brainstorm meeting to check if your proposed hashtag is being used. Easy campaign tracking on a silver platter. 

How do you use Instagram's search functions? Comment below or tweet @CuratorPR!

PR Challenges — As Told by an Intern

Anna Tremblay is one of Curator's interns for summer 2015. To learn more about Curator's internship program, click here.

As a public relations student who is getting ready to start my final year of school, my time is slowly ticking away before I leave the safety of school for the hustle of the PR world. In the short time that I have worked at Curator I have learned that there are definitely some challenges that people in the PR industry face.

Some of these are felt on a day-to-day basis and others are more gradual. Either way, I think it would be a mistake to not prepare myself for some of the challenges I will face in the PR-world, as I get closer to graduation.  


One of the challenges that I feel is most daunting, but at the same time most exciting, is that the PR industry is constantly changing. During my time in the industry, there will inevitably be even more changes occurring. Preparing for changes isn’t an especially easy task, but I can prepare by viewing them as an invitation for new innovation and creativity. Simply put, PR will definitely never get boring.

Time management

You know, that thing that they have supposedly been drilling into your brain since you were in middle school?  Yeah well I thought I was pretty much an expert at it, and then I started working at Curator.

Okay, lets rewind. One of my favorite things about my internship is that I get to work on several different accounts, and I have a nice variety of tasks to perform every day. But with this there has to be a component of time management. When is it okay to stop working on one account and start another? How do I stop in the middle of one task and start something else?  

Working at Curator has been a huge step in my time-management growth process, and it’s something I’ll continue to develop at school next year.

Overcoming fear

Last of the things on my to-master-before-graduation list is to become a bit more fearless. Sitting in a brainstorm meeting and not-sharing my ideas because I’m afraid they might be stupid is not beneficial for anyone. Who knows—that idea I didn’t share that one time could have made the difference for the clients.

Speaking up and sharing ideas will only be step toward my main goal of giving every client 110%. This will be arguably the hardest of the three to work on. Creativity is something that is highly encouraged at Curator—another one of the millions of reasons why I am so happy I got this amazing opportunity. Slowly, I am learning that there is no such thing as a stupid idea.

I am having so much fun learning about all things PR from the Curators. I am excited to see where the industry goes and how I will get to play a role in it after graduation. 

The Curator News Feed: July 17, 2015

Curator PR Instagram: @CuratorPR (via Jennifer Carroll: Summer Nights at Swansons - Swansons Nursery)

Curator PR Instagram: @CuratorPR (via Jennifer Carroll: Summer Nights at Swansons - Swansons Nursery)

It's finally Friday and time for another fun filled weekend. See what the Curator chitter-chatter was about this week with some of our favorite articles and some awesome client coverage below. Have a wonderful weekend! 

ponyporkInstagram, Can never have too many good Instagram accounts to follow. - Brooke

Three Brand Management Strategies That Should Have FailedPercolate, Sometimes the best thing you can do for your client is break the rules. - Paul

Google Wants to Count the Calories in Your Instagram Food PicturesEntrepreneur, This is going to ruin just about every foodie Instagram! - Anna T.

A new study shows saving your vacation time can do more harm than good, Business Insider, Take more vacations or suffer the consequences! - Audrey

Here's where to find the most handsome men in the U.S.Today, Another victory for the Emerald City! - Anna B. 

25 Of The Best Responses To Amazon Prime DayBuzzFeed, Am I sucker for buying the roomba on #primeday? - Brooke

Glassybaby Opens Third Bay Area Store In San Francisco's Historic Ferry Buildingsys-con

Why All Women Should Go See TrainwreckRefinery 29, Saw this last night and loved it! - Anna T.

Tips for Making Sure Editors Don’t Skip Over Your Email PitchAdweek, Oldie, but goodie. These tricks actually work. - Anna B.

Don't Bring Your Mom to a Job Interview (and Other Surprising Things Millennials Are Doing in the Workplace)Glamour 

The Uber of Massages Comes to SeattleSeattle Met, Sign. Me. UP! - Brooke

There's a 55-foot leopard-print dress on the roof of Nordstrom's downtown Seattle storePuget Sound Business Journal 

Client Coverage 

Washington's Lottery

Mount Vernon man wins lottery, during pursuit of milk and cookiesKIRO Tv

Villa Del Palmar

Romance after 50: Finding Love on Mexico’s Baja SurfFifty is the new Fifty

Simon Property Group

Make-A-Wish Surprise in RenoKTVN Reno

Ten days of fun in Sonoma CountyThe Press Democrat

Kid’s Club at the Mall!Mom's perspective 

lululemon Anchorage launches with Downtown park yogaKTUU Anchorage

Winnemucca Teen Battling Cancer Gets Her WishKOLO news now 

Meadowood Mall in Reno to Host Job Fair SaturdayKTVN Reno

From toys to active wear, Kari Skinner with the Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall has the latest summer must haves for the kiddos! #SummerFun #SummerStyleKTVA 11's Daybreak







4 Top Reasons I Want a Career in PR

Audrey Klacker is one of Curator's 2015 summer interns. To learn more about Curator's internship program, click here

Growing up you are always asked about the future; what career you want, what college you’re going to attend, how you’re going to get there, etc.  Well, after a couple years of flip flopping between possible career paths, around the age of 13 I figured out I wanted to pursue a career in the communications field, and later that developed into a more precise path of public relations.

There are a lot of things I love about PR, but these are the top reasons I’m choosing a career in the PR industry:

The positivity

From the people you work with, to interactions on social channels, there is an air of positivity in the PR profession. Working in PR, people all want the same thing, and that’s to have a positive impact. I love being able to get creative and think strategically about how to help a client put their best foot forward.  Even the smallest thing, like seeing someone tweet about what you pitched to him or her, is very satisfying.

You never stop learning

I can honestly say I have learned at least one new thing every day I have worked at Curator (usually it’s much more than one). You learn things you never thought you would be knowledgeable about. In PR you always have to be aware of what’s going on in the world, big or small, which means doing your research and keeping up-to-date on media/culture.  

Everyone can benefit from PR

There’s not a brand or company that can’t benefit from the magic of PR. This means as a PR professional, there are endless opportunities to work toward something you’re passionate about. You love fashion? Work for a clothing brand. You like music? Work with a record label. You want to help people? Promote a non-profit. The ability to merge one of my passions and PR is a huge reason I am drawn to the industry.

It’s always changing

When I tell people I want a career in PR, the usual response is “So, what do you actually do?” Ummm, everything! That’s a tough question to answer because no two days in the PR world are the same. You are always working with different people, different projects, and different stories. There are so many possibilities and ways to thrive. PR is fast-paced and exciting. I love the variety. 

You Know Your Social Media Post Sucks If It Sounds Bad Out Loud

"The Rebel Yell" by Pascal is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal

"The Rebel Yell" by Pascal is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal

A lot of blog posts I read mention that I should write more "engaging" social media posts. They tell me to ask my audience questions or post an interesting photo.

That advice is all well and good, but how do you actually write in an engaging way?

I have a simple trick I use when I'm writing: Read your social media post out loud.

Here's how you can tell if you've written a bad post:

  • It sounds like a headline.
  • It sounds like an ad.
  • It sounds robotic.
  • It just sounds bad.

And here's how you know you've written a good post:

  • It sounds like something someone would say in real life.

Bonus points if it sounds like something you would say in real life. (That takes time to develop, so write a bunch of variations of each post to practice!)

It's really that simple. Social networks aren't billboards, despite how hard some brands try to make them that way. Social networks are conversation spaces. So converse. Like a human being.

The Curator News Feed: July 9, 2015


Happy Friday everyone, hope you all had a great week. Take a peak at some of the fun things we're reading at Curator this week, as well as some fun client reads. Have a awesome weekend, until next time! 

THE RETURN: This NEW Seahawks 2015 Hype Video Will Make Your Jaw DropChat Sports, "Here we go again, Go Seahawks!" - Anna T. 

Automatically post your Instagrams as Twitter photos, IFFT

We're turning comments off for a bit, The Verge

Client Coverage 


Hear from the local company making body cams for law enforcementQ13Fox 

Swanson's Nursery

Plant Something: Plant Awareness; Plant Community; Plant Your Brand; and Plant Sale, BB Magazine

J&D Foods

J&D's Deliciously Different Croutons ReviewPopular Product Reviews by Amy

Kale Tomato Bruschetta SaladHey What's for Dinner Mom?

Simon Property Group

Andrea Hartley named general manager of Hawaii's Waikele Premium OutletsPacific Business News

State's largest outlet mall taking shape in LivermoreContra Costa Times 


Less Wait, More Vacay

Summer is prime time travel season. Time for adventure, relaxation and making memories. However, if you've traveled during any peak time (read: summer, holidays, etc.), you know that sometimes it feels like, after all is said and done, you need a vacation from your vacation. The lines at the airport, the process of flying, the check in and check out wait times at your hotel - it can all be a little ...well...exhausting.

That's where our client Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto has the right idea. They realize how important and precious vacation time is for the mind, body and soul, and they want to give more of it back to you. Direct quote from Owen Perry, who is co-owner and president of the Villa Group, "We feel that vacation time is too important to be spent waiting in line."

So they decided to reinvent the hotel check-in process. Instead of going through the process of waiting in line once you arrive, providing your information to the front desk crew and picking up keys, guests of the gorgeous Mexican resort can bypass the front desk and head straight to their room, or even better, to the resort's turtle-shaped pool.

How are they able to do that? Guests of the resort instead have the option to spend 3 minutes while they're still in the comfort of their own homes to provide a checklist of items they would normally share in person (as well as any dietary restrictions, special occasion requests, etc.) and instead check in online, ahead of time.

It works much like checking into a flight online. Guests receive a unique QR code to show a bellhop once they arrive, who will be waiting with their room keys. The room keys are hassle-free as well. They're actually wristbands with waterproof smart chip technology. No more fiddling around in purses or worry that you might lose your hotel key while lounging beachside.

Photo credit: Romy Raves

Photo credit: Romy Raves

Paired with a personal concierge that can help guests book all their meals and activities in advance, the pre check-in program is amazing for setting the tone for a truly relaxing experience, which is the resort's ultimate goal.

Have you experienced amenities at other hotels or resorts that have made your stay memorable? Tweet us and let us know, @CuratorPR! Follow us on Instagram too for more travel scenes.

The Curator News Feed: June 26, 2015

Brooke Andersen - Instagram @Brookeand

Brooke Andersen - Instagram @Brookeand

It's the end of another busy week here at Curator, and we are definitely ready to take full advantage of the spectacular Seattle sun this weekend. Take a look at some of the things we have been working with our client reads, and enjoy some laughs with a few of our favorite articles of the week. Have a fun weekend, you've earned it! 

Here’s the list of movies and TV shows arriving, leaving Netflix in July, Q13 Fox 

Chevrolet Just Wrote a Press Release Entirely in Emojis. Can You Decode It?Adweek, Time to step up your press release writing game ladies and gents. - Brooke

Papa John's spends $100 million to actually offer 'better ingredients'Business Insider, Go Papa John's! Does this mean I can feel less guilty eating pizza? -Chelsey

Seattle Fashion Incubator Launches Program for VeteransSeattle Met

To Taylor Swift, Love Spin SucksSpin Sucks, If PR were pro wrestling, Taylor Swift would be The Rock. She just owns this damn game and is so good at it, even if it's not the main thing she does. - Paul

All Your Favorite Celebs Are Using This New App Under "Secret" NamesRefinery29, New app alert! - Anna B.

Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Instagram No-Promo PolicyAdweek, Maybe if Kim Kardashian had more than one account she could talk INstagram into developing multiple logins. -Brooke 

US Open donates 70,000 pounds of leftover food to food banksSeattle pi 

Instagram Death Match: Rosé vs. Avocado ToastMan Repeller, This sounds like it could be a Curator contest. - Brooke

Families plan to spend more for back to school and college this yearNational Retail Federation

30 Of The Best Books Written By MillennialsRefinery29, Looks like my summer reading list just grew! - Anna T.

These Luxury Hotel Ads Use Instagram Shots Instead of Professional PhotosAdweek, I love this! - Chelsey

Client Reads 


Finding My Fit with Fitcode, Decadent Dissonance


Washington's Lottery

Woman Wins $200,000.00 At Casino Road AM/PM in EverettMy Everett News .com

Whole Foods Market

super sunscreensYoyo Mama

Be ready for anything this summer with a new, limited edition Whole Foods #ReadyforAction bag!Lipgloss + Spandex 


Whole Foods Ready For Action Bags and GiveawayBulldogs & Brownsugar

Whole Foods #WhereYouWine + Gift Card GiveawaySeattle Pockets

Ready for Summer with Whole Foods + A Giveaway!Sarah Christine Style

Whole Foods Ready For Action Bag + GiveawayHappy Kids Inc.

Simon Property Group 

What's in Store: A Sizzling SummerDiablo Magazine, East Bay residents have a lot to be excited about -- Kiehl's is hosting the grand opening of its new store at Stoneridge Shopping Center and San Francisco Premium Outlets recently announced a number of new stores opening in August! - Chelsey

Kiehl's OpeningThe Independent

The Agenda: 5 don’t-miss fashion events, June 28-July 4SF Gate

Summer fashion with local boutiquesKTVA Alaska

5 Reasons to Shop at Las Americas Premium OutletsUSA Today 

SF Premium Outlets Announces New Retailers for Livermore ExpansionLivermore Patch 

35 new stores opening in August as Livermore's Outlet center expandsPleasanton Weekly