The Curator News Feed: January 23, 2015

We are dedicated this week's news feed to our Seattle Seahawks. You're welcome. 

NFL Conference Championship Wrap-up: See You in Arizona, Grantland

"Seahawks fans got something that might even be better than a Super Bowl: unbridled joy. A ring is the pinnacle for a player. The sort of earthshaking, exuberant, stunned happiness that comes with a fourth quarter like Sunday’s is the pinnacle of fandom." 

You're welcome. - Paul

George Costanza - Let's Get Nuts, YouTube

I posted this right after the fake field goal. - Paul

Michael Bennett celebrates NFC Championship win with joy ride: "Best bike ride I've ever had", Seahawks

I hope Bennett rides a bike in the Superbowl parade. - Brooke

Gotta love SPD's handling of copyright. - Paul

I Missed the Seahawks Game for a Kid's Birthday Party, Seattle Met

A Very Special Win, MMQB

Crazy-but-true: The fake field goal was a play designed specifically for this game, specifically for a member of Green Bay's special teams defense. If he wasn't on the field, the play wouldn't have happened. -

Seattle Sports History, SB Nation

This is a pretty great post, comparing win-probability charts for Game 5 of the 1995 ALDS (The Double) and this year's NFC Championship. - Paul

Ex-Giants K Lawrence Tynes trolls Patriots with one vicious tweet, ESPN

Seahawks fans will love this tweet. - Paul

The improbable 8 minutes and 30 seconds that brought the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, SB Nation

I love the analysis of the coin toss in this one. - Brooke

The game wasn't over until Russell Wilson decided it was, SB Nation

It's like this post was written specifically for Scott. - Paul

I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined, Seahawks

Not Even Hockey Is Safe For Packers Fans Right Now, Deadspin

This guy is awesome. - Paul

This Fan-Shot Video Is The Best Way To Relive Jermaine Kearse's TD Catch, Deadspin

This is so cool. - Paul

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt face off in a Super Bowl rivalry, The Daily Dot

This just solidified my love for Chris Pratt even more. - Brooke

12 greatest games in Seattle Seahawks history, Seattle PI

A wonderful trip down Seahawks memory lane! - Brooke

You could put 1-3 in any order. - Paul

PsBattle: Seahawks' punter throwing a touchdown pass, Reddit

This Photoshop challenge of Jon Ryan's throw is pretty great. Probably some NSFW entries. - Paul

Jon Ryan Doing "The Belt" Is A Truly Great Moment In Punter History, Deadspin

Need some ice for that sick burn? Jon Ryan stole Aaron Rodgers' "belt" celebration after his touchdown pass. - Paul


Shut it down. This is the best video. - Paul

11 of the best things Seahawk Michael Bennett has ever said (that we know of), My Northwest

Texts From Last Night: Seahawks Edition

Our favorite two words right now - Go Hawks! We've rounded up some of the memorable texts we received from last weekend's victory. 

I was texting with my mom and my brother throughout the game. My brother literally dropped an F-bomb at one point—that's how crazy this game was. - Paul

My mom doesn't even drink... - Anna

That's a classic "text from mom" - Ann Marie

There were a lot of praising hands emojis being thrown around last night. Also, props to Chelsey for not losing faith in our Seahawks! - Brooke


Family thread -- my dad was on a flight to Boston most of the game so we were sending text updates until he was able to watch at the airport when he landed. - Chelsey

And we were struggling to understand how OT works - Chelsey


All I have to say is thank goodness I chose travel dates following the Super Bowl - Chelsey

Four siblings in 3 cities. I'm the only Hawks fan, but you couldn't look away from this game no matter whose team you root for. - Ann Marie

Privacy is the Newest Social Media Trend: Here Are 6 Things Brands Can Do to Respond

If the last decade-or-so of social media was about building a “personal brand” or “online presence,” the next 10 years will be about destroying it.

The latest wave of popular social networks all have one common thread: A focus on privacy. Snapchat ties you to a username and phone number, but your messages self-destruct. Yik Yak ties you to a location but keeps your messages anonymous.

In a way, it’s refreshing, if a little backward. People are embracing a more personalized social media experience by broadcasting less or removing the stresses associated with putting a byline on published material.

It can also be confounding and frustrating if you’re a brand trying to use social media to expand your business. 

It doesn’t have to be, though. We’ve put together six suggestions for how brands can stay relevant on social networks, even as they see their tens of thousands of Facebook followers becoming increasingly unreachable and irrelevant.

1. Be Human

Social media is still what it always was: A place for people to talk to each other. Be a person—not a brand—and you’ll be OK.

2. Be fast

One of the hardest parts of being a brand on social media is the time it takes to get the approval to try new things. Here’s a crazy thought: Just try them. 

I’m not saying you should do anything that would get you fired, but if you see an opportunity to make things happen, go for it. What’s the worst that could happen—success? nothing? At worst, you’ll end up in the same place you’re at.

This is the old “fail fast, and fail often” saying. It’s still true.

3. Make your content universally shareable

Think about the content you create: How can you make it work on multiple social networks? Whatever it is, make it as easy as possible for people to share it wherever they want to share it. Don’t try to make people share it in one or two specific places.

Oh, and once you’ve done that—pay attention! Where are people sharing? It may not be the same place where you’re spending all your time.

4. Listen, and prepare to be helpful

This is just good advice in general. Even if you’re using a network that only gets a few interactions per week, those could be important. Maybe they were from influential people. Maybe they were from customers asking for help. Maybe they were from people who want to buy your product. 

The value of social interactions is always dependent on what you get out of them. I’ll take one social interaction that consists of, “Where do I buy your product?” versus a thousand ‘likes,' or ‘favorites,' or whatever.

5. Create your own stats to track toward your goals

This relates strongly to Point No. 4. Don’t worry about the stats that social networks just give you. And don’t worry if they don’t give you any at all. Figure out what your goals are, and focus on what you need to do on social media to achieve those goals. Track those stats. 

Again, what’s a ‘like' worth compared to someone who shops in your store and says, “Oh, I heard about you guys on Snapchat.”

6. Incentivize people to interact

For that situation I just described to be likely to happen, you need to give people a reason to mention you. Set up something easy, like “mention our Snapchat account the next time you shop with us and receive 10% off!” And then track that. Know when you started your (in this example) Snapchat account, and what kind of activity happened in response to your ask.

The Curator News Feed: January 16, 2015

This week around the web, we've kissed a ginger, gotten excited for the Gone Girl sequel, and met a dog who rides the bus. Not to mention some of the fun our clients had, like a kick-ass Seahawks event, and making us all daydream about being beach-side.

It's Kiss a Ginger Day, So Jimmy John's Is Now Flirting With Wendy's, ADWEEK "Well, sandwich chain Jimmy John's took the opportunity to tweet a fellow fast-food restaurant and famous ginger, Wendy's. The latter's response was pretty fun, too, and fans are going wild for it."

GILLIAN FLYNN IS OFFICIALLY ON BOARD FOR A 'GONE GIRL' SEQUEL, ELLE "Naturally, there is only one woman, author of the book and screenplay Gillian Flynn, who can pen the next chapter. And finally, she's agreed to do so."

How does one describe Gone Girl? Creepy but fascinating. I'll be in line for number two if everyone gets on board that's for sure. - Brooke

Why Chipotle’s pork problem is a bad sign for its future, The Washington Post "Chipotle said yesterday that it has stopped serving pork at a third of its restaurants, or some 600 establishments countrywide, citing a standards violation by one of its suppliers. It marks the first time the burrito slinger has been forced to pull a topping from its menu. But if Chipotle continues to expand as it has in recent years, it's hard to imagine this is the last time the restaurant chain will face a problem like this."

Here's an interesting question raised by Roberto A. Ferdman at The Washington Post: Does Chipotle's "food with integrity" mantra mean there's a ceiling to how successful it can become? - Paul

Seattle dog's rush hour ride: on the bus, by herself, weekly, KOMO News "All the bus drivers know her. She sits here just like a person does," said commuter Tiona Rainwater, as she rode the bus through downtown Monday. "She makes everybody happy. How could you not love this thing?"




The Famous Gay Dads From Instagram Are Now Starring in This Sweet Nikon Commercial, ADWEEK "Gay couple Kordale and Kaleb Lewis gained unexpected stardom by posting a photo of themselves and their daughters getting ready in their bathroom for the day ahead.
The Instagram snap went viral, with many people lauding their obvious love and care for their daughters while others, well—they were less than enthused, because they live in a bubble, under a bridge or somewhere in the past."

The Dawn Wall, El Capitan’s Most Unwelcoming Route, New York Times "Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson etched their names into climbing lore on Wednesday by successfully completing a 19-day free-climb of the Dawn Wall on El Capitan. The route up the mostly smooth granite face is widely considered to be the most difficult free-climb in the world. A free-climb means that ropes are used only to catch a climber’s fall — not to aid the ascent."

Rock climbing both terrifies and intrigues me. This week, I simply can't read enough about the wall climbers who completed a 19-day climb up El Capitan. This New York Times interactive piece did such a great job visualizing this incredible feat. - Ann Marie

Client Reads

Discovering Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto Mexico, Black Enterprise. "In the midst of this sleepy tourist town in Mexico lies the Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto Resort, a quiet oasis that gives everyone from tech geeks and interim corporate giants to parents and couples looking for a soft reboot a chance to disconnect.  The property creates an environment that limits technology and directs your attention to the sparkling pools, and the tranquilizing rays of sunshine that effectively cleanses the soul."

Wishes Come True at The Villa del Palmar Resort in Loreto, OC Mom Blog. "Guests visiting the resort have a magical opportunity to make a wish before lighting a “wish lantern” over the sea of Loreto. Guests will have an opportunity to participate in a magical experience at the resort, while helping to make wishes come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions."

Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit Ready to Go Capless, Huffington Post. "Fast-forward to today, and the crescent-shaped bay is one the country's most popular vacation destinations, home to Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and part of the Riviera Nayarit on beaches peppered by close to 200 hotel-resorts."

Seahawks events before NFC Championship game, KIRO 7.

Drawing at Southcenter Tuesday for Seahawks tickets, KING 5. "Seattle Seahawks fans have a chance Tuesday to win tickets to Sunday's NFC Championship game against Green Bay, thanks to the Washington State Lottery – if they can get to Tukwila."

Here's your chance to win Seahawks tickets Sunday by Scratching, Tukwila Reporter. "Washington’s Lottery is giving 10 Seahawks fans, and a guest each, an opportunity to see the Seattle Seahawks play Green Bay in the NFC Championship game at CenturyLink Field on Sunday, January 18."


The Curator Newsfeed: January 9, 2015

What a busy week on the web! For this week's roundup we've recapped some of the most trending articles, a few we thought were interesting, and some killer client coverage. From 10 things we've learned about social media in 2014 to some lucky 12s who won playoff tickets, you'll find it all below.

CMO Deborah Wahl on McDonald's brand refresh, Brightcove

Interesting campaign and direction for McDonald's. Curious to see how this plays out over the next few weeks/months. - Jennifer

10 Things We've Learned About Social Media in 2014, Buffersocial - "One of the best ways I’ve found to learn new things on social media is to try new things. We experiment, we make mistakes. We succeed, and we fail. And we get a better feeling for how things might work and the best strategies, ideas, and experiments to try next."

A couple of good social media takeaways from 2014 - Noelle

If You Were Wondering What Sriracha Beer Tastes Like, Here's Our Review, ADWEEK - "When we heard the news that Rogue was releasing Sriracha Hot Stout Beer, we were intrigued. We promptly ordered a six-pack to find out how this bizarre flavor combination would taste."

I'm a big Sriracha fan, but far. - Chelsey

Seattle's Scarlet Letter For Sloppy Trash Sorters, KUOW - "Beware the red tag, the scarlet letter of Seattle waste. The bright red tag says you’ve violated the city’s new trash law, making it illegal to put food into trash cans."

If you live in Seattle, it's illegal to throw your food away now. Sort of. Starting July 1, you can be fined if your garbage has more than 10% recyclables or food waste in it. But garbage collectors are starting to red-tag garbage cans now. The other part of the "sort of": Even if you violate the new rule after July 1, the fine is $1. But still, compost your food, or better yet, eat it. - Paul

Got a Smartphone? Start Broadcasting, TED - "In this fascinating talk, he (journalist Bruno Torturra) shares some of the ways in which he's experimented with live-streaming on the web, and how in the process he has helped to create a very modern media network."

A New Year’s Resolution That’s Doable, The PR News Blog - "Right around now we’re planning New Year’s resolutions—which few of us will actually keep. New Year’s resolutions are all well and good, in theory. Sure, go nuts—make a vow to hit the gym more frequently, cut down on fried foods or get more sleep. However, there are some resolutions that don’t require time, money, or being a killjoy. We propose that PR pros vow to banish the following words and phrases from their vocabulary."

Illustrators respond to Charlie Hebdo magazine attack, Dezeen

 Illustrators' powerful responses to the attacks in Paris this week. - Ann Marie

A Teenager’s View on Social Media, Medium - "I read technology articles quite often and see plenty of authors attempt to dissect or describe the teenage audience, especially in regards to social media. However, I have yet to see a teenager contribute their voice to this discussion. This is where I would like to provide my own humble opinion."

If you're older than 25, you have to read this post. It's really interesting, and it's making me realize that we're headed for a future where each generation will have its "own" social networks, rather than the future Zuckerberg (surely) imagines, where everyone communicates in one place. - Paul

Hilarious Instagram Depicts A Totally Basic Skeleton Who Can’t Even (Photos), Elite Daily - "We’ve all seen our fair share of basic bitches and their even worse basic bro counterparts."

The most basic bitch - Chelsey

Client Coverage

Look Fab While Getting Fit in the New Year, FOX 5 

A little New Year's resolution-related coverage from Fashion Valley on Fox 5 San Diego - how to look good while getting fit this year. - Noelle

Traffic improvements to ease backup in and out of Waikele, KHON 2

Make way for shoppers! This road improvement near Waikele Premium Outlets will be a great help reducing traffic congestion - Chelsey

Top Projects 2014: Coddingtown firsts for Target, The North Bay Business Journal 

Coddingtown Mall's Target opening at was a great way to wrap 2014! - Chelsey

Anchorage’s retail industry continues to thrive, KTVA 

Retail is alive and well in Anchorage! - Chelsey

Spokane Valley woman wins $30K on scratch ticket gift, KREM 2 

Disfrutando de la belleza de baja california, Notas De Mama

AEDC: Retail growth signals a strong economy, Alaska Journal of Commerce

Lucky 12s win Seahawks tickets, KING 5

The 12s were out in full force and media flocked to Washington's Lottery playoff ticket event this week. - Ann Marie

More Oyster Toppings + Champagne Granita Recipe, A Well Crafted Party

5 Lessons from Curator's First 5 Years in Business

We are celebrating our five-year anniversary at Curator this week. I'm not someone who likes to spend much time in the rearview mirror — I far prefer to focus on what's next. But this anniversary for Curator, in particular, fills me with gratitude and the desire to really reflect back. So, I thought I'd share my 5 for 5 — the five biggest lessons I've learned in our first five years in business. This is, consequently, my longest blog post. Forgive me. I’m feelin’ nostalgic.

1. Passion drives your purpose  

You can't separate your personal passions and your work life and sustain success. You have to find a way to make a correlation between the two or work will feel like work and when it gets hard, and it will, you'll suck. I’m not saying if your love is cooking you need to work directly in the food industry. But I do believe you need to understand why you love cooking and ensure you’re drawing a link between that reason and what you do with your life professionally.

Perhaps you've heard the phrase, "if you don't know where you're going, all roads will take you there." I believe that to be true. When I started concepting what I really wanted Curator to be, I made the decision to focus only on lifestyle brands or companies that wanted to evolve into one. For me, cooking with my wife, eating out, traveling with my family, sitting in a beautifully designed space, enjoying a curated retail experience – those are things that bring me joy. It’s not so much the physical act of cooking and God knows it’s not the TSA line at the airport that I enjoy, but more so everything else that goes with it – sitting down at the table together, spending uninterrupted time together. I’m interested in the motivations that trigger consumer behaviors. Lifestyle brands allow us to do that.

That focus allowed us to acquire amazing clients like: Simon Property Group and Simon Premium Outlets, Whole Foods Market, Villa Group Resorts, Macy’s, Domino’s Pizza, Starwood Resorts, Washington’s Lottery, Safeco Insurance, Swanson’s Nursery, Smile Brands, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Allrecipes, Quadrant Homes, The CVB of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico which allowed us to create The FOOD & WINE Festival in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo with the amazing media partner FOOD & WINE Magazine. 

We are so thankful that we get to call the brands where we personally eat, shop, travel, and stay with on the road, our clients. It ain’t work when you love it.

In the spirit of transparency – this was a lesson learned for me. Ten years before I started Curator, I started my first “attempt” at an agency. It failed. I didn’t give the agency focus and I worked with companies I had little interest in, let alone understood. That lesson drove my focus on declaring exactly what Curator stood for, and what it did not.

2. Your culture is your company

I wrote a previous blog post on the best thing we ever created at Curator, where I shared our focus on culture. Once you understand your purpose as a company, I believe the next most important thing to intentionally create is your culture. Our culture is our identity. I don’t care how talented someone is – if they’re not a cultural fit here we don’t hire them. Ultimately, it is all about the people. Choose wisely. Our culture informs everything we do internally and externally. We have the taxidermy to prove it.

3. Awards are in the idea — sustainability is in the details

We have been fortunate to create some wonderful award-winning programs for our clients, including Best-of-Show campaigns. They are amazing and we take special care to showcase them on our site. What doesn’t get showcased, but what sustains our relationships with clients—and therefor our business—is in the day-in-day-out details of executing against a plan. I often remind our team that agencies rarely get fired for making one big mistake, but they do get fired for making a bunch of little ones. There are two disciplines at play in our agency: creating something amazing, and lofty, and behaviorally right so that a consumer wants to engage. That is exciting and takes a special talent to create. And then, there is the rigor it takes to drive the program forward on a daily basis. The reports, the media calls, the coordination, and ultimately the play making skills needed to keep things going when they go sideways. Curator is full of creative, detail oriented, Type As. And I am thankful for every one of our team members who toggle between their left and right brain with such seamless grace.

4. Buy Champagne by the case

Curator’s very first team member was Greta Smoke. After we grew from the two of us to eight, she and I were talking and I asked her how she thought things were going. She said we needed to celebrate more. She couldn’t have been more right. We were experiencing wins then rushing to the next thing. I remind myself of that conversation often. Doing anything worthwhile is hard work. And when you’re working hard toward a goal you need to stop and celebrate it when you hit the mark. I’ve learned it’s imperative. I keep all the champagne corks from all of our celebrations in my desk drawer. I write the date and reason for the celebration on the cork. On the hard days I pull a few out and remember how great it feels when we do it right. One of the vows I’ve made in this year’s Vision doc I share with the team is to pop more champagne in 2015.

5. You have to test the water with both feet

One of the greatest lessons Curator has taught me is the value of going all in. The conditions will never feel right. There will always be valid excuses to stop you. There are no guarantees. But you have to jump in with both feet. Curator has been the greatest blessing of my professional life. I get the joy of working with brands I love and team members I love even more. I know the company that we collectively created is special and I don’t take it for granted a single day.

If you’ll allow me one indulgence, I would like to thank all the team members who make and have made Curator what it is in our first five years: Ann Marie Ricard, Shawn Herron, Dan Miller, Greta Smoke, Lisa Kennelly, Matthew Robinson, Julia McGavran, Megan Andrus, Annie Zanin, Chelsey Allodi, Paul Balcerak, Jennifer Carroll, Noelle Ibrahim, Brooke Andersen, Megan Kamitsuka, Maria Loida and Anna Brown. Thank you.

To our first five, and many more!

Easy-to-Keep New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year… You’ve made that New Year’s resolution (check out Curator’s list of resolutions here), and 5 days into 2015, you’re already losing sight of your goal. Whether it’s getting fit, or being a better friend, you just can’t seem to stick to the program.

That’s probably because your resolution is too general, and intangible. Instead, why not make small changes that you can do on the daily, which will make a difference in the long run?

Here’s a list of small-scale resolutions that might be a bit more realistic and achievable:

  • Take the stairs. Instead of committing to spending 5 days a week at the gym, take some baby steps toward your goal of physical perfection and take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator. Or simply park farther away than you need to.
  •  For “me time,” turn off your cell phone and computer once a month. Or leave your cell phone home and take a stroll around the neighborhood.
  • If you feel like you’re in a rut and want to try something new, sign up for a dance class, art class, or even join a dodgeball team.
  • To build better relationships, lay off the texting and have a phone conversation instead. Also, use more eye contact for in-person conversations.
  • Commit to flossing your teeth more. This one little act can contribute a lot to your overall health and wellbeing.
  •  Use your vacation time throughout the year, instead of because you have to at the end of the year. Little breaks from work give you something to plan for and look forward to, and will keep you motivated.
  • When eating at a restaurant, strive to eat only half your meal, and take the rest home for leftovers. You get portion control, and one less meal you have to cook later.
  • To avoid impulse buys, leave your credit cards at home while out shopping and stick to the cash in your pocket.
  • Get a separate recycle bin and start recycling at home.
  • Clean out your closet and donate items you don’t need to those less fortunate.

Which one of the above resolutions would you choose to stick to? Tweet us @CuratorPR!

The Curator News Feed: January 2, 2014

2015 is upon is! We've captured a few posts from around the web this week to inspire your year. Catch the latest and greatest TV shows, 13 Ted Talks you can't miss, and some quick workout tips to help you keep those New Year's resolutions!

The 5 Unspoken Instagram Commandments By Which All ‘Grammers Abide, Elite Daily - "Instagram is a way of life. Upon its arrival a few years back, it scared us. We put little to no effort in it; we just posted to post because no one knew any better."

I agree with most of these, though I'll admit, I do like some filters still! Which of these are you guilty of breaking? - Chelsey

No, you won’t be able to float on Jan. 4, The Washington Post - "If you're an avid Facebook user, you may have heard that this weekend will feature a rare event -- the planets will align just so, and for a moment there'll be less gravity than usual. We'll all float, or something."

Quick reminder: You will not spontaneously become weightless this weekend. Also, the moon doesn't make anyone give birth or commit murder, and the position of the stars in the sky on your birth date will not affect your 2015 plans. Cheers. - Paul

20 Shows to Watch - A Winter Bounty for Serious TV Fans, The New York Times - "When did winter become the season of television’s most distinguished content? The fall season, with its organized and heavily publicized broadcast-network premieres, still gets the attention, but a greater number of interesting shows now arrive on cable, broadcast and online in the first quarter of the year."

While my resolution is to read more often in 2015, i can't help but get excited for some shows to return in January! - Brooke

13 TED Talks To Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution, Tech Times - "Did you have a good New Year's Eve celebration last night? Good. Now it's time to get down to work."

Some support from TED Talks to help keep those resolutions intact. - Ann Marie

9 Running Workouts You Can Do In 30 Minutes Or Less, Buzzfeed - "Start running now with fun, challenging workouts you can do in a half hour or less."

If Buzzfeed says it's fun, I may have to give it a try! - Anna

Happy New Year

It's been a wonderful year and we can't wait to see what 2015 holds for us personally, and as a company! Before we ring in the New Year, we wanted to share some of our resolutions and invite you to tell us yours @CuratorPR!

For 2015, I want to commit to spending one night a month to unplug and turn off my phone, computer, TV, etc., and just spend the evening focusing on my family, friends and loved ones. Being so connected all the time can take a toll, so I think it's necessary, from time to time, to disconnect, so I can reconnect. (Like the motto of one of our clients – Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto). Happy New Year to everyone! - Noelle

Read more books and get organized! - Jennifer

This is not terribly original, but my first goal for 2015 is to declutter—mentally, physically, digitally...everything. I accumulate so. much. shit. And that's what a lot of it is: shit. Shit I end up not-needing but hanging onto anyway because that's easier than getting rid of it. This year, I'm going to try to treat everything like I treat my Pocket queue: If it's not in use by a certain deadline, it's gone or filed away. - Paul

In 2015, I am scheduled to run my first half marathon so I have the cliche fitness resolution covered. Another resolution on my list is to read a new book each month for fun! This will probably cut down my hours of streaming Netflix but that's the goal. Any book recommendations? - Brooke

Learn new things. When life gets incredibly busy, I tend to fall into a routine. For efficiency's sake, I'll stick with what I know. But in 2015, I want to learn more -- whether it's in my kitchen, as a parent or for the work we do on behalf of our clients. - Ann Marie

I'm not much for making big one-off resolutions — but I am a firm believer in setting and keeping goals all year round.  I write them down and refer to them daily.  Its my inner Tony Robbins at work.  I tend to use the start of the new year to evaluate where I am with all aspects of my life and where I want to improve.  I'm excited for 2015! - Scott

My resolution is to stay fit and eat clean! And seriously cut down on my pizza intake :) Plus, I want to work on building better relationships and staying organized! - Anna

My resolution is to make more time for myself - whether to cook, see friends, read, or just do nothing - I want to build on skills and find new hobbies for 2015! - Chelsey

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!


The Curator News Feed: December 26, 2014

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! As we wrap up 2014, here are a few reads from around the web, as well as some client coverage to bring in the New Year. See you in 2015!

12 Lady Chefs (and Non-Chefs) Who Owned 2014The Braiser - "After the inevitable sh*t show of 2013, what with TIME proclaiming that dudes basically run the food world, we didn’t have much hope for 2014. How could we, when we basically had to defend a woman’s place in a professional kitchen to most of the world? But after everyone else got on board and was like “equal rights, a-holes,” it seemed as though 2014 opened up for female chefs and women working in the food industry."

I love seeing women getting recognition in the food world. "Women did good this year -- and made the rest of the world pay attention." - Ann Marie

23 Next-Level Ways To Make Baked BrieBuzzfeed - "Sorry if these are a little cheesy."

I figured that a food link was appropriate since eating is basically the only thing on my agenda for the holidays. - Brooke

Bad community is worse than no communityNieman Lab - “By coupling a format that encourages intimacy with a network design that encourages out-of-context amplification, Twitter has evolved into something fundamentally volatile.”

If you're the type of person who thinks, "If you can't do something right, you shouldn't do it at all," you'll like this. I don't necessarily think that, but this makes a lot of good points about where social managers' focus should be when they have limited resources. - Paul

Ad of the Day: Netflix Films Unscripted Spots in Real People's Homes on Movie NightADWEEK - "The focus here is on children, which makes the arguing more adorable and the whole concept of movie night more magical. It's less about Netflix's particular content, even though specific movie titles are mentioned—and more about how watching movies at home brings families together, and gets them talking. "The movie is just the beginning," on-screen text says toward then end."

Nothing better than family movie nights, no matter how old you are! Love this spot by Netflix. - Chelsey

Client Coverage

Inside The Secret eBay Lab Changing Real-World ShoppingForbes - "America’s most prominent technology firms have all built reputations for futuristic thinking through secret, ancillary Silicon Valley labs."

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY SHOPPING SURVIVAL GUIDE + GIVEAWAY! The Beaty Vanity - "It’s the home stretch to Christmas and I JUST finished my gift shopping this weekend.  I drove up to Stoneridge Shopping Center and like the rest of every shopping center/mall right now, it was packed full of people.  But with proper planning, I was in and out really quickly – and avoided traffic too!  If you have some last minute shopping to do, here’s my survival guide."

News 4 gets in on the giving actionMy News 4 - "News 4's very own Bill Frankmore got in on the giving action over the weekend -- Bill was stationed outside Macy's at Meadowood Mall Sunday collecting donations for the Salvation Army."

Weekend Set to be Busy for Holiday ShoppersKTVN - "Christmas is less than a week away, which means many shoppers are preparing for the last minute holiday shopping crunch. Stores inside Meadowood Mall are preparing for a high demand from shoppers this holiday weekend. Associates at the mall say Saturday and Sunday may very well be their busiest weekend of the year."

‘Super Saturday’ shoppers pack malls, Business Examiner - "Seattle resident Didi Northup smiled as she took a minute to rest in the atrium of The Commons at Federal Way on Black Friday morning, a valance of shopping bags hanging from one hand and a pair of bouncy grandkids clutching the other."