5 Great Places to Find Animated GIFs

Hey, do you ever find yourself in situations—perhaps a blog post, or maybe an email—where words just won't do, and there's not an emoji to properly convey your feelings or emotions? Well, then you've come to the right place.

These types of situations are exactly what animated GIFs were made for, and we've rounded up some of our favorite places to find them. 


Buffer's GIF Mood Board

As the title implies, this one covers GIFs by mood, and for the moment (as of this writing), they're entirely positive. So if you're feeling happy, head here.


Giphy is like Google for GIFs. It's searchable, which is a huge plus, and you can even make your own. Best of all, every GIF comes with an embed code, for easy use on blogs.

James Van Der Memes

Pretty straightforward: It's a bunch of reactions, acted out by TV and film legend James Van Der Beek.

Lookout Landing

Specifically, check out this Kyle Seager post, although if you read LL on the regular, you know that they're never short on great, Mariners-related GIF material in general.


Google Image Search

Go to Google. Do a search for basically anything. Click on Images, on the results page. Click Search Tools, then Type, then Animated.

Boom. You're welcome.

One small warning: There's no guarantee these are public domain, so be careful.

Why Facebook’s Redesigned Notes Could Be Rad for Bloggers

If you host your own blog, you can already syndicate each post on platforms like Medium, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Now that Facebook has updated its Notes tool to be more blog-like, you’ve got another, and potentially a more powerful one.

Why syndicate? It’s kind of like atomizing your content, but my rationale is that it gives a post more chances to thrive. Personally, I have more Twitter followers than I do blog readers, and I get more interactions on Facebook than I do on Twitter.

The cool thing is, now that Facebook has upgraded Notes, I’ve got at least five “big” places to post content:

  • This blog
  • LinkedIn (using their Notes-like blog feature)
  • Medium
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook Notes

Even if one of my posts doesn’t go supermegaviral, the aggregate readers I get from all those places are far greater than what I’d get on one of those platforms alone. And the way Facebook’s algorithm works, if I can get the ball rolling on just one post, I can stretch my audience to more—and arguably more relevant—people (re: friends of friends).

I’m not one to blast all my content everywhere, all at once, but I’m interested to see how Facebook Notes could help increase reads on my Facebook-focused and personal posts.

This post was originally published on Facebook Notes.

The Curator Newsfeed: October 2, 2015

Hello and welcome to October! This week we have rounded up some great links and client reads below. Have a great weekend!  

37 Ways to Build a Huge Brand on PeriscopeBoom Social, Here's a bunch of Periscope inspiration. -Paul

Taco Bell to your door: Another food delivery service now available in Seattle with DoorDashGeekWire.

An underdog is taking over the sneaker market, Business Insider, Sketchers has surpassed Adidas, but Nike still leads. -Audrey

Twitter Plans to Go Beyond its 140-Character LimitRecode, Twitter is over. -Paul

A nutritionist shares pictures of everything she eats in a dayBusiness Insider, Eat better and feel better with these ideas! -Audrey

Facebook Starts Letting You Add a 7-Second Looping Video as a Profile PicTechCrunch, Facebook just announced some huge updates to how profiles work. -Paul

Client Reads

Website for buying jeans helps women find best fitThe Seattle Times

Lululemon, The North Face, More Headed to Desert Hills Premium Outlets, Los Angeles Racked

GQ + Glamour Look book Live San Diego RecapGlitz and Glam by Tiff

PINK upcoming eventsVentura County Star

"Music for Montebello" Returns for its Second YearSoCal City Kids

Six New Shops, Five Guys added to outlet at CabazonThe Desert Sun   

Giving Thanks, Autumn Events, Recipes, and GoodnessEdible Vancouver

People on the move at Snoopy's Home Ice, Redwood Credit Union Insurance Services, and more, Petaluma Villages announces new GM.- Kate



The Curator News Feed: September 25, 2015

Fall, we are ready for you!!! Yes, it is officially fall. By this time next week, it will be October. Did we just blow your mind? Here are some other facts to consider, amid the rapid passage of time:

  • By this time next week, it will be October.
  • The next major holiday weekend is Thanksgiving.
  • There are only 90 days until Christmas.

I mean...

So make the most of this weekend, and kick it off by reading these great links!

Apple Car is Coming in 2019, Report Says, Business Insider

'Dislike' Button Is Coming To Facebook, The Daily Beast, Probably the biggest social news last week. - Paul

Jimpire, Devour, So many of my favorite things in one parody. - Brooke

Doggone Home Décor, City Dog Magazine, Does an article I wrote for CityDog Magazine count as a cool read? lol. - Kate

Blab video chat app is like Periscope for groups of friends, Mashable, This looks rad, and now all I need are some friends to try it out with. - Paul

Client Coverage

Fitcode Closes $1.8 Million Series A Round, WWD

Sneak peek at Del Amo Fashion Center's renovation, Torrance CitiCABLE

Fashion model raises $1.8M for Fitcode to change how women shop for jeans online, GeekWire

If she pulls this off, you'll put it on: Prominent investment firm backs Seattle jeans startup, Puget Sound Business Journal

Petaluma Outlets gets new GM, Petaluma Argus Courier

Nordstrom leads Del Amo Fashion Center restoration, reopening October 9, Torrance Easy Reader

5 Reasons Fall is the Best Season

Summer has packed its bags and the crisp air has returned; the leaves are changing colors, and the hashtag #pumpkineverything is in full swing. Fall has arrived. Today marks the “official” start of the season (gasp), but for some of us fall started a few weeks ago when Starbucks released the PSL.

Fall is my favorite time of year—there is so much to be happy about—and if it’s not yours, I’m going to give you some reasons it should be. The sudden change from summer to fall doesn’t need to bring summertime sadness! Here are the reasons you should fall in love with fall:

1. Football Season has begun

You can now spend your Thursdays-Sundays watching America’s favorite sport. Whether you’re cheering for a high school team, college ball, or the NFL (go Hawks) football brings people together. There’s just something about this sport that brings out great energy.

2. The flavors of fall are here

Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin candy—Pinterest has taught me you can incorporate pumpkin into literally any food. Whole Foods Market even carries pumpkin dog treats! But if you are not a fan of sipping on pumpkin, fall also brings warm cups of hot coco, tea, and cider.  

3. TV shows are back

Gone are the days of searching the TV guide for the best reruns to watch; fall is back with new seasons of all your favorite shows. Here’s a calendar of when your shows premiere.

4. Holidays are upon us

It is the season of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas preparation. This is the time of year where you always have a reason to get together with loved ones, dress up, decorate, and show people you appreciate and love them. I love the holiday spirit and the joy people exude during this time of year.

5. It's the final (full) season before a new year

The weather has changed, it’s a new school year, or a chance for new work objectives; it is your chance make something big happen before the ball drops and it’s 2016. Enjoy these fall months while they are here because there’s a lot to be happy about!

The Curator News Feed: September 18, 2015

Photo by: @Brookeand

Photo by: @Brookeand

How Lauren Conrad Went From MTV Reality Princess to Social Style Queen, ADWEEK, It's refreshing to see a reality star have so much success that didn't start with a sex tape (sorry Kim.) But really, good mentions to how Lauren Conrad utilizes social media to reinforce her brand. - Brooke

The Kardashian Apps Are Here, Cosmopolitan, Hate it or love it? That is the question. - Anna

Soo... who's gonna pay $3/month to keep up with kardashians? - Brooke

Snapchat Moves Into Monetization: U.S. Users Can Purchase Replays, ADWEEK, I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet, Snapchat. - Audrey

Listen to Kanye West's new song 'Fade', The Verge

Ad of the Day: H&M's Magnetic New Anthem Spot Breaks All the Fashion Rules, ADWEEK

Client Reads

No effect in Gilroy after revamp of Livermore outlets, Gilroy Dispatch

Seahawks Fans Sign Flag to Kick Off Another Season, NBC Right Now

Road Trippin' To Bellingham, Seattle Refined

Vancouver woman wins $1M on scratch-off ticket bought at local Fred Meyer, The Columbian

Snack stop leads to $500,000 win for Pullman man, KREM 2

KIDGITS: Family Health & Fitness Day at Stanford Shopping Center, 9/17, Katertots

Del Amo Mall Poised for Major Reposition in Multiphase Project, WWD, Exciting coverage for Del Amo Fashion Center's style evolution in WWD. - Noelle


Get a sneak peek inside the Del Amo Fashion Center’s expansion, Daily Breeze

Glamour Magazine shows off three hot Fall looks, FOX 5 San Diego, Two great segments this morning on FOX 5 for LOOKBOOK Live at Fashion Valley. - Noelle

Fall Fashion Trends for Men, FOX 5 San Diego

Love and Romance at Villa del Palmar Loreto, Travel Age West

The Unspoiled Islands of Loreto: Baja, MEXICO, Wandermelon

Fashion Valley cozies up to fall, The San Diego Union Tribune

Eat It Up: Whole Foods gets into the Feast Portland spirit, Portland Business Journal

Guide to the Unofficial Feast Parties that Anyone Can Attend, PDX Eater, Whole Foods Market is giving people a sneak peek of FEAST with the Feastwich. - Ann Marie



4 Ways (Good and Bad) Facebook's Dislike Button Might Affect Your Business

Well, it's official: Facebook is getting a "dislike" button.

If you run a branded Facebook Page, this might seem terrifying. That might be the right reaction. But it might not be all bad, either. How so? We'll walk you through that in a sec. 

First, a disclaimer: No one knows what this button is going to look like, where it's going to live, how it's going to function, or if it will even be called the "dislike" button. For the purposes of this post, we're going to assume that it becomes as universal as the ubiquitous Like button that we all know.

Anyway: What might Facebook's new dislike button mean for your business?

1. People might dislike all your stuff

I would imagine this is what a lot of brands and brand managers are afraid of. And if you're BP or something, that's probably a legitimate feeling. A few things, though:

  1. Do people have a reason to dislike all your stuff?
  2. If so, maybe don't do things/make products that cause people to dislike you.
  3. If causing people to dislike you is a natural byproduct of the sweet, sweet cashflow your brand produces, maybe reconsider social media as a space where you need to be.

Nothing anyone posts on your page hasn't been thought or spoken at some point. In a way, those people are doing you a favor. They're serving as a focus group to tell you what's good and bad about your brand.

On the other hand...

2. You might find the dislike button to be really useful

As long as we're talking focus groups, let's talk about putting your audience to use. Let's say your business designs sponges, and you're trying to decide on whether to roll out orange or purple as your next color. 

With the addition of a dislike button, there's no weird "click like on this photo to vote for this one, and click like on that photo to vote for that one." It's one or the other, plain and simple.

3. More options for posts!

Now, instead of just publishing content that people like, you can actively publish content that people dislike.

Why would anyone do that? Outrage can be really effective. Let's say you're the page manager for an environmental organization. That emaciated polar bear photo isn't very likable—without some verbal gymnastics, at least—but it's definitely un-likable. A dislike button makes it that much easier to say "ugh" without having to type "ugh" in the comments.

4. Engagement could go up

If you're a news organization, you've probably published a fair share of posts that are:

  • Not likable;
  • But not so offensive as to move people to comment;
  • Just kind of "ugh."

Great example: Here's the weather forecast; it's raining for the next week. In the past, you'd maybe get a few likes and a couple comments, sure. With a dislike button, though, you have a piece of content that people can almost compete on. Like rain? Don't like rain? There's a button for you!

Before, it would be easy to just think "meh," and scroll past; now, there's a built-in Facebook function for you to use, that doesn't require that much effort.

Don't dislike it just yet

This is a big change for Facebook, and it's natural to have a gut reaction about it. Wait. It's not a good or a bad thing yet. All it is right now is the promise of an expanded feature that will probably have more creative applications than we know.

The Curator News Feed: September 11, 2015

Photo by @annabbrown

Photo by @annabbrown

Hello and happy Friday! This week we wanted to share the latest articles we're reading, as well as highlight clients in the news. See the latest fall fashions, a hot-spot travel destination, and read about Uber's latest news - all below! Other than that, have a great weekend from the Curator team.

#NYFW: What New York Fashion Week Can Teach You About User-Generated Content (Infographic), ADWEEK

Uber to produce free in-car magazine for riders called ‘Arriving Now’, Geekwire, I'll be honest, I didn't see this one coming from Uber. - Ann Marie

The Products Every Commuter Needs In Her Purse, Refinery29

Client Reads

Fall fashions for men, KTVA, Kari Skinner from Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall talks Men's Fashion Must Haves for fall! - Anna

Auburn woman scores $50,000 Scratch ticket winner, Auburn Reporter

2015 Magellan Awards Silver Winners, Travel Weekly Awards, Congrats to Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto for earning a 2015 Silver Magellan Award in the Adventure Destination category! They'll be featured in the October 19 issue of Travel Weekly. - Noelle

High-end Getaway to Loreto Islands, Travel Weekly, Another Travel Weekly piece for VDPL! - Noelle

Two New Stores Open in Stoneridge Shopping Center, The Independent

Get Red Carpet Ready, FOX 5 San Diego, Get red carpet ready with Fashion Valley for the La Costa Film Festival. - Noelle

A Fashion-Inspired Nightclub Exists in Palm Springs, Los Angeles Racked


Meet Kate Hudson

Hi, I’d like to introduce myself—I’m Kate Hudson. Lovely to meet you!

If you are like most folks when we first meet, now would be a good moment to make a joke like “I loved you in Almost Famous” or “I can’t believe you dated Alex Rodriguez.”

One month ago yesterday, I joined Curator PR!

Since diving in, it has been a fast and fun four weeks of learning the business, honing in on new media friends, asking questions and getting to know the team and clients. While many would fret over being new, Curator feels like home, working with a team that is damn good at what they do and consumer and lifestyle clients that are best in class.

Before joining Curator, I built my career as an earned media specialist working with clients across commercial real estate, city government, hospitality and consumer technology at Seattle PR agencies like Frause and Weber Shandwick. Whether producing influencer events or building relationships with my clients’ key press, to keeping a pulse on the industry trends driving news cycles, I love the earned media hustle.

Beyond the credentials on my résumé, I’m a Seattle native and love the Pacific Northwest. I was indoctrinated as rain worshipper at an early age with my first memories being from the coast or a campground, and I learned to read at the same time I learned to recycle. I have drunk coffee like it’s water since passing my driver’s test, and I didn’t realize one shouldn’t wear fleece every day until halfway through college.

These days I can be found hiking the Cascades with my Chocolate Labrador, racking up air miles with my husband, sipping wine with my squad, or putzing around Seattle neighborhoods. 

As autumn rolls in, I’ll hope to see you at the Curator office soon!

Until then,

The Curator News Feed: September 4, 2015

Photo by: @Brookeand

Photo by: @Brookeand

Welcome to September! This week we've rounded up some of our favorite reads, as well as highlighted some recent clients in the news. Check it out below, and have a great holiday weekend. 

Marshawn Lynch Just Popped Up on a Shopping Channel to Hilariously Sell Skittles, ADWEEK

It Begins! The Ultimate Guide to the Latest Pumpkin Spice Flavored Foods, People, It's pumpkin season! - Audrey

Everything you need to know about the Derek Lam X Athleta collaboration, Well+Good, Forget Target collaborations. I'm dying over Derek Lam for Athleta! - Brooke

"100 YEARS of FASHION" in 2 minutes, Chalany High Heels, This is pretty cool. 100 years of fashion in 2 minutes. - Noelle

Quick follow up to Noelle's post—100 years of mens fashion in one second. - Paul

List of very useful websites, Fun Substance, This isn't pretty or anything, but it's a great list of really useful websites. - Paul

Hipster Barbie Is So Much Better at Instagram Than You, Wired, It's just Barbie. Living her authentic life on Instagram. - Ann Marie

Client Reads


WATCH: Teachers get makeovers ahead of new school year, Q13 FOX, A fun collaboration with Simon Malls and Premium Outlets, Q13 and Gene Juarez to celebrate some deserving teachers before they head back to school. - Ann Marie

Las Vegas North Premium Outlets Adds New and Exclusive Shops, USA Today 10 Best, The Las Vegas North Premium Outlets expansion was spotlighted in USA Today's 10 Best. - Noelle

How Fitcode Hopes To Reshape Shopping For Women's Clothing, with Rian Buckley, Northwest Innovation, How Fitcode Hopes To Reshape Shopping For Women's Clothing, with Rian Buckley. - Kate

Fashion Calendar, Sept. 3-9, The Denver Post

Preview the new line of Star Wars toys, FOX 5, Force Friday at Fashion Valley. - Noelle

Amazing series of segments on FOX 5 San Diego for Fashion Valley, in time for Back-to-School season: Kitson, Abercrombie Kids and JOE’S Jeans: Back to School Fashion – Elementary and Middle School. - Noelle

Back-to-school trends for high schoolers, FOX 5

Where to buy stylish school backpacks, FOX 5

Get ready for college with these dorm-room essentials, FOX 5