Do This, and Watch Your Twitter Engagement Take Off

If there's still a debate about whether it's a good idea to automate your social media feeds, I'm on the "yes" side. It's the only way I get anything done and still manage to publish. So I get excited every time I find some new trick that makes it easier for me to post and interact on my social networks.

This IFTTT recipe, via Aaron Lee at Post Planner (which, by the way, is a great blog that you should subscribe to immediately), is one of the most useful automations I've found all year. Click the link to let him walk you through the ridiculously easy set up; here's what it does:

[Thomas] Marzano added me to a list called ‘IFTTT Engaging Followers’. ... The cool part is I was added to the list automatically. Marzano told me he created an ‘IFTTT recipe’ that automatically adds users to the list when they mention [him] on Twitter.
— Aaron Lee

I called my list "Active Followers"—call yours whatever you want. I created it a couple weeks ago, and it's become probably the most useful part of my Twitter account. (You're not using Twitter Lists? You should.)

It's effective because it takes away the hardest part about engaging: remembering everyone you've talked to. It's like a digital business card that you can pocket for future reference. Since these people are, you know, responding to you, they're arguably the most important people to talk to on a regular basis.

A couple shortcomings that are easily fixed:

  1. Yes, spammers will get auto-added to your list. Just be diligent about reporting them as spam, and they should be removed.
  2. People you argue with will get added, too. So don't argue. Or, if there's someone you really don't like who keeps tweeting you, block 'em.

I hope this recipe works as well for you as it has for me. Tweet me if you like it, and join my list!