4 Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Drive In-Store Sales

Online retailers have been dominating the social landscape, but with 51% of shoppers researching online and purchasing in store there’s plenty of room for more retailers to bridge the digital gap. Here’s four ways to increase sales by incorporating social media into your brick-and-mortar store.

Showcase Social In-Store

Nordstrom started the trend of brining social networks in-store with everyone’s favorite discovery platform, Pinterest. They highlight top pinned items with special signage throughout the store. Not only does this make it easier for customer to find their “Pinspiration,” it also provides social proof and creates a unified user experience across the store’s digital and physical channels.

Offer Incentives

Reward fans for sharing their experience with organized or random giveaways and freebies. Last year, South African retailer Urban Hilton Weiner let customers use selfies as a form of currency. Anyone who tweeted their selfie to the @UrbanSelfie account was rewarded a $10 gift card and was entered to win a new wardrobe from Urban.

Provide Value

Our client, Swansons Nursery is letting Seattle customers "Pick the Perfect Tree" via Facebook and Twitter simply by using #heyswansons. Their tree experts work with you to find the right tree then place it on hold so you can come take a look at what they’ve set aside for you.

Extreme Couponing

Use Facebook Offers or simply tweet in-store promo codes or coupons to get your followers lining up at your door. International flame-grilled chicken restaurant Nando’s replaced their traditional direct mail coupons with Facebook offers and saw 60% higher redemption rates while lowering their cost per guest by more than 85%.


There’s a lot that can be learned from these big (and small) brands bridging the digital gap. What ways does your brand use social media to drive in-store sales?