5 Things I've Learned at Curator

My time here has come to an end and this experience has taught me so much more than any class could ever teach me. Here are five things I've learned during my time interning at Curator:

1. What I want

After being here for three months, I've gained a better understanding of what PR work entails and what it's like to work at a small agency. Curator has an open and collaborative culture, which has made me realize that work environment is an important factor to consider when searching for potential jobs.

2. Become a time master

While working on multiple tasks and clients, you learn to manage your time well and prioritize work. Interning during one of the busiest times of the year for Curator also taught me that going with the flow is a must. If you're someone like me who likes to list their to-dos and check things off in an orderly fashion, be sure to remain flexible -- you never know when other, more high-priority tasks will come up and need to be completed first.

3. Just do it

SAY YES TO EVERYTHING. At Curator, you won't have to do coffee runs, although sometimes you'll be asked to go to the post office and run into Marshawn Lynch on the way (true story). There were multiple times I took on assignments and had no idea where to begin, but the team was always so helpful in making sure I had the right resources in order to succeed. My willingness to accept new tasks led to more responsibility, which resulted in greater knowledge learned!

4. Teamwork makes the dream work

Right away, Curator makes you feel appreciated and part of the team. Some tasks may seem tedious, but it's all a team effort. The more assignments I was able to pick up from one person, the more they could pick up from the next and so on and so forth. There were never times where I felt like my work didn't matter, as everyone always made sure to say, "I appreciate you" or "I appreciate your work."

5. Track your projects

This was a personal preference, but throughout my time, I kept track of what projects and tasks I contributed to. This was beneficial because I learned about my skills and accomplishments and it helped me realize what I was good at, as well as what I could work on in the future. Plus, it's nice to know you contributed to a project when you see your work show up in an article, blog post or broadcast segment!

Overall, I've had such a blast interning this fall. Thanks so much, Curator, for allowing me to learn and gain such valuable internship experience!

Your fall intern,

Kia Vang