Say Hello to Our New Intern: Holly Warendorf

Hey! My name is Holly Warendorf and I am one of the new summer interns here at Curator PR. I will be entering my senior year in Boston College’s Carroll School of Management this fall where I am studying marketing and business analytics. I was born and raised in Bellevue, Washington and am so excited to return home for a few months. I can’t wait to enjoy another Seattle summer of boating on Lake Washington, going to Mariners games and, of course, learning more about the world of PR here at Curator!

I am returning home from a semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark—if you haven’t been, I highly recommend you add it to your list. Copenhagen is a magical little city. It has colorful architecture, charming canals and the most amazing food. I had the privilege of spending five months gallivanting through Denmark and the rest of Europe to amazing places like Amsterdam, San Sebastian, Munich, Prague and Stockholm. Even though I do have a slight case of the Post Abroad Blues, I am still thrilled to be back in the States. I am looking forward to applying what I learned overseas at Copenhagen Business School to what I will be doing here this summer!

When I am not in class, interning or traveling, you can probably find me watching some kind of comedy— I love a good laugh. I’m not ashamed to say I think I have seen every single stand-up special on Netflix. John Mulaney is by far my favorite, and I have watched his routines so many times I can probably recite them word-for-word. I am also a dedicated SNL follower. I made sure to watch each new show live during my time in Europe, despite the fact I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch because of the a nine-hour time difference.

Saying Goodbye to My Curator Internship


My time at Curator has come to an end, but before I go, I want to share what I have learned during my 10 weeks as a PR intern. Here are my top 5 takeaways from: Curator’s Internship Program:

1)   Know that you are valuable. One of the things I loved about being part of the Curator team is that I was pulled in on many different projects, which gave me the opportunity to learn a wide range of skills that will be extremely useful for my future career. Every time I assisted with a project, I would get great, constructive feedback. The team would always let me know that the work I was doing was helpful to them and the projects they were completing.

2)   Nothing is minor. Before my internship at Curator, I don’t think I grasped just how large of a role public relations plays in our world; I only understood part of it. In PR, everything is related. Something that may seem very minor or unimportant is actually part of a bigger project and so it is of value. For example, a media list is how PR specialists get in contact with the appropriate journalists, media outlets and social media influencers who will then report on an agency’s many clients. While media list creation can be a tedious task, the reporters and influencers I select make an impact on whether or not we garner coverage for the client.

3)   Be a strategic thinker. In PR, you need to understand how different markets are evolving because you want to make sure your clients get the best coverage in a timely fashion. With the evolution of social media and the Internet, figuring out which platforms are best for specific messages and brands is becoming more complex. As a PR specialist, you have to be not only creative, but also strategic in order to provide meaningful coverage for your clients.

4)   Pay attention to details. As an intern, you may think paying attention to details isn’t very important because someone is always checking your work. However, internships are meant to prepare you for your career so you should always put your best foot forward. I’m not saying that my work at Curator was perfect, but I would take the team’s feedback seriously and update my projects to the best of my ability. You want to try to detect a mistake by yourself or go back to your work and fix things without someone telling you to do it first.

5)   Manage your time well. One of the main things to understand as an intern is how to manage your time. You may be given multiple projects on a given day and you have to be able to assess what is most pressing and needs to be done first and what can wait until other projects are done. This ensures you meet deadlines, but also have the opportunity to work on more projects.

Overall I really enjoyed my time at Curator because I felt like I was part of the team. I had previous internships before, but I felt I learned the most from my time here. The team is smaller than what I had experienced before and I believe that the close-knit environment really helped me get a better understanding of what PR is and what PR specialists do on a day-to-day basis.

Now that this experience is over and graduation is near, I am ready to start a career in communications and hopefully PR. I am very interested in a career in the sports industry, but I am up for anything that comes my way. As an international student, the pressure to find a job is very much on, but I’m hopeful I’ll get to stay in Seattle and, most importantly, the United States.

Meet Our New French Intern, Aleximie!

Hey, I’m Aleximie and I’m a senior at the University of Washington, graduating this spring and majoring in Communications. I’m a member of the UW Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Team and am an executive member of the Association for Women in Communications, University of Washington Chapter.

I was born and raised in France, but I always knew I wanted to come to the United States to study and I’m planning to stay in America post-grad. I am a pretty outdoorsy person. I love to hike and spend time outside, but I still love to spend time with friends and just binge-watch shows on Netflix. I really enjoy working out and am attempting to eat healthier, but I cheat a lot because you only live once and pastries are #yum!

I’m really excited to intern at Curator this quarter for two reasons. First, the office atmosphere is very relaxed yet professional, which makes it a really enjoyable place to work. Second, I am simply thrilled to learn more about the world of PR and how to be a PR specialist through developing my skills and working with a wide variety of clients. I am eager to take the next step into the post-graduation world!

Say Hello to Our New Intern, Lauren!


Hi there! My name is Lauren Macalalad and I am a senior at the University of Washington, double majoring in Communications and Spanish and minoring in Diversity. I’m super excited for the opportunity to work alongside the Curator team as an intern and I already can’t wait to get started!

In my previous internship, I did public relations for the food, travel and tourism, health and banking industries. I was drawn to public relations because I wanted to play the role of storyteller. I love hearing companies’ stories and sharing them with others through my writing. Curator has a lot of great clients and I’m looking forward to working with them and hearing their stories.

In my free time, you’ll often find me sipping on coffee, café hopping, practicing my Spanish or reading a book. I am also a huge dog person, so if I am not playing with my dogs then I’m most likely talking about dogs or chasing after someone’s dog just to say hi. I also really love to travel. A couple years ago, I caught the travel bug and it just hasn’t gone away! I studied abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico and Quito, Ecuador, both of which were amazing trips filled with two of my favorite things: delicious food and loud music. I hope to take off somewhere after graduation and to one day see the world.

I'm Back in Action

Hi there! My name is Audrey and I’m a communications major with a focus in public relations at UW. I was lucky enough to be an intern at Curator last summer through fall and I had so much fun that I’m back for round two!

Last year I was a newbie in the field, and I didn’t really know if PR was something I wanted to do long term. As my internship went on, and each day I learned something new, I loved what I was doing more and more. I love that you have to earn your coverage, which requires strategic thinking, and it’s the best feeling to see a piece you pitched get picked up. PR is definitely a career path that I want to pursue, which is what led me back here. I missed being in the office and part of the Curator team, I couldn’t be more excited to be back in my old desk!

Outside of interning I am also actively involved in my campus PRSSA club. It’s a great organization to be involved in and has led me to meet a lot of people within the industry. I take every opportunity I can to get involved in PR related activities, from volunteering with the WE Day PR team (I got to be 5-feet away from Ciara! Cue reaction) to going to networking events.

Coming from a small town I absolutely love living in Seattle and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. There are so many things to do and places to explore. In my free time you can find me running around Green Lake, sipping on a basic Starbucks drink, or betting on who’s going to win this season of The Bachelor. 

From One Intern to the Next…

Image courtesy of Unsplah

Image courtesy of Unsplah

As my time at Curator comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on some of the most important things I’ve learned here. Internships are hard work, but they can be incredibly rewarding if you give them your all. Here are the key takeaways I got from my internship, and some advice on how you can succeed in your own:

Be curious

The whole purpose of an internship is to learn, so never be afraid to ask questions. However, there is something to be said about figuring out the solution to a problem on your own. Be resourceful and genuinely curious, because you can learn a lot when you give yourself the opportunity to do so.

Put 100% effort into everything, even the small stuff

As an intern, sometimes you might feel like you’re being given all the work that no one else wants to do. But remember that being an intern is all about building upon your abilities. Show that you can succeed at the small stuff so that you are trusted with the bigger stuff. How you handle the less fun tasks is the truest reflection of your work ethic.

Be adaptive

Throughout your internship, but especially in the beginning, you might be asked to work on a project you have zero background knowledge on. When this happens, you have to be willing to learn. If you don’t do your own research on the front end of projects, your outcome won’t be very good. Friendly reminder that Google is your best friend!

Celebrate your successes

You’ll go through a bunch of different projects in a given day, and just like you might make a mistake here and there, you’ll also do some awesome things. When you’re told you did a good job, be excited about it! Be aware of both your weaknesses and your strengths so you know what to work on and what to be proud of.

And last but certainly not least…

Be detail oriented!!

If there was just one thing I took away from this internship, it’s that the details matter the most! Correct your typos, fix your formatting, and keep your projects organized. You will be dealing with a lot of moving parts throughout your internship, so keep it all straight so you never miss anything. Being detail oriented is THE key to success. 

How My Internship Was Much More Than “Just Getting Coffee”

How My Internship Was Much More Than “Just Getting Coffee”

When I arrived in the office on the first day of my internship with Curator, I was ready to embrace the industry I was passionate about, but I also felt nervous. About to begin my junior year at the University of Washington, I had reached the point in my collegiate career where things tend to get a bit more “serious.”