Yes, avocado

We talk a lot about the avocado phenomenon around here. It seems there's always someone in the office making avocado toast (and obviously photographing it), discovering a new recipe and ways to incorporate it in every meal, or finding a cool pic on Instagram. We've mocked the trend, but also embraced it. It really is crazy that one fruit has truly come to dominate social media and the interwebs!

Today I came across an article on Man Repeller that summarized it all perfectly: How Avocados Became the Oprah of Instagram. I don't want to give it all away, so here's just a taste.

Avocados are actually Oprah.

The Oprah Effect, as you’ve likely heard, is the documented phenomenon where everything she endorses turns to gold...Avocados are of a similar force. Add an avocado to a salad and suddenly you’re nourishing your body as opposed to eating grass. Put a bit in your hair and the ends you’ve broken are suddenly repaired. Place an avocado on a slice of toast and you’ve just created art.
— Amelia Diamond, Man Repeller

As you read through, I also invite you to check out all the avocado-goodness in these super trendy photos taken by the Curator team over the years. For more avocado toast - and other cool sh** - follow us on Instagram @Curatorpr.