Beat Your Summertime Sadness

Cue the Lana Del Rey song; summer is almost over. Lucky for us Seattleites though, we still have at least another month of beautiful weather, daylight and warm(ish) weather. Here are some of the things I plan to squeeze in before autumn officially arrives (on September 23).

Watch a sports game outside. If the forecast holds true, we may get some more sunny days, so take advantage and soak it up while watching your favorite local teams play, or find an outdoor bar to watch a little pigskin. I’ve said it here before, and I’ll say it again: The Dock in Fremont is an awesome locale to do just that. Get there a couple hours ahead of kickoff, especially for a Hawks game, to stake out a spot in the back patio. 

Go for a hike. I know when the weather changes I’ll be kicking myself for not going on more hikes this summer. Get some trail inspiration on Sosh Seattle!

Take a day trip. Another thing I always want to do each summer, and need to cross off my list in the coming weeks. Catch a ferry to spend the say exploring Whidbey Island, or check out a seaplane tour up to Victoria. Seattle Met has a pretty cool list from a few years back that may help you decide on a place to go based on your interests – all should be within 90 minutes from the city.

Staycation. On the flipside of going somewhere for the day or weekend, you can always stay right here and play a visitor in your own city. I did this by accident a few weeks back and loved it. For most of us at Curator, the fall season means holiday craziness is upon us, so unplugging for a day or two and getting out and about in your own neighborhood or city is a great way to de-stress and refresh your mind. Whether you take a long walk around Greenlake or Alki Beach, or tap your tourist roots and visit the Space Needle, or Ride the Duck, it feels good to explore what’s always right under your nose.

Picnic. Pack some snacks, maybe some drinks, and enjoy a nice long afternoon or sunset outside. Golden Gardens never disappoints!

Try something new. There are so many activities to try here in Seattle, and there’s still time! Rent a paddle board or kayak on Lake Union or Lake Washington (Moss Bay is a great spot), find a friend with a boat or rent one and give wakeboarding a try, or head east and try hang-gliding at Poo Poo Point in Isssaquah. I think this is the appropriate time to say YOLO!

Eat Out(side). Before everyone goes back to hibernating when the days get shorter and darker, eat outside as much as possible! There are too many amazing restaurants with gorgeous views, romantic rooftops, or beautifully lit patios to pass up. Get your perfect city Instagram from these locale eateries: Ivar’s or Little Water Cantina on Lake Union, Maximilien in Pike Place Market or Salty’s on Alki Beach.

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