Curator Newsfeed: July 2018

July LOM.png

Finding mid-summer heat keeping you inside and away from your “fun-potential”?  Don’t worry, the summer isn’t over just yet, there is plenty of time to stop by those trendy spots you’ve had on your to-do list for months. Grab a milkshake, spend some time on a ferry, do whatever is going to keep you from compromising your summer fun! Oh, and while you’re at it, check out our client coverage, which might spark some much-needed summer outing inspiration!

A New Twist on a Classic Cocktail, Fox 59

Is Anti-Aging Clothing the Next Beauty Breakthrough?, Hollywood Reporter

GRAY Loves: Buki’s Collagen-Embedded Clothing and Accessories Line, GRAY Magazine

Buki: Slipping on a Slice of Heaven, Catherine Grace O

Northgate Mall developers plan radical redesign, King 5 News

Shopping with the Fam…At Brea Mall!, Jetting Jewels

Wear Smart: Seattle-Based Buki Launches the First-of-its-Kind Collagen Embedded Clothing, Seattleite

The Dishes You HAVE to Try While Gaming at Dave & Buster's, Foodbeast

Office Envy: Xevo, 425 Business