#DearSanta: A Social Media Wish List for 2015

When a new social media channel announces an update, all social media managers and strategists hold our breath in hopes this is to make our lives easier and clients happier. In 2014, Twitter gifted us the mute button, Snapchat allowed for advertising, Facebook discontinued the use of ‘Like-gating’ and as of today, Instagram gave us new filters. We’ve come a long way but there are a few other features I’d like Santa gift us this year. 

Multiple Logins on Instagram
With a large percentage of brands embracing Instagram in 2014, I’m lost to what has kept Instagram from allowing a multiple login process yet. With this simple granted wish, it could save me those hours of sleep I woke up in a panic scared I put my #ootd (outfit of the day) post on my client’s account (never has happened for the record.) 

141 Characters on Twitter
I respect the character max on Twitter and encourage due to the rambling we run into on Facebook but sometimes just ONE more character is all you need to craft the perfect tweet. 

Edit Photos on Facebook Posts
For those unforeseeable mistakes, it’s helpful for Facebook to allow us to adjust copy to fix spelling errors, grammar or just last minute changes. But what if Facebook allowed you to keep your post but change your photo? Eureka! With our clients, graphics are sometimes vital to communicate sales information but in retail, changes happen so come on Facebook!

Clickable Links in Instagram 
Are you sick of seeing “(Link in Profile)” in photo captions? I am! The process adds an extra step to the user experience driving them away from the newsfeed to the profile then to the link. Is there anything worse than losing your place while scrolling your Instagram feed? I’d love to see clickable links available in Instagram captions but I suggest this with caution hoping to not move away from the creative outlet Instagram provides!

What do you want from Santa for social  media next year? Tweet me @brookeandersen!