Fall TV Picks

Fall means a the beginning of a lot of things. New weather, new wardrobe, new recipes to make. It also means new shows or episodes of old favorites. Here's what the Curator team is most looking forward to watching this season.

Technically this show doesn’t premiere until midseason, but I’m trotting it out anyway because it’s the only thing I’m interested in that isn’t Game of Thrones: I’m talking about CSI: Cyber. I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, what? Another CSI show?” But this isn’t just any CSI show; it’s CSI show with a murderer’s row of 90s talent. Tune into this show and here’s what you get: James Van Der Beek. Lil’ Bow Wow. Luke Fucking Perry. If Mischa Barton shows up, it’ll basically be The Package Tour of 90s/early 2000s teen dramas. I’m jacked up. Let’s hop on Luke Perry’s motorcycle and into Van Der Beek’s little rowboat, and solve some goddamn computer crimes.  - Paul

Parenthood on NBC -  Ann Marie

Boardwalk Empire on HBO - Scott

Scandal on ABC - Brooke

Selfie on ABC could be a guilty pleasure this season. I like the idea – a modern take on My Fair Lady - Noelle 

The Voice and Chicago Fire, both on NBC - Jennifer

The Blacklist on NBC and Modern Family on ABC - Chelsey

The Cleveland Cavaliers 2014-2015 season - Shawn