Farewell Curator, From Mark


Hi everyone! It’s Mark. I introduced myself on Curator’s blog a few months ago as one of the fall-quarter interns. Since you last heard from me, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to continue interning with Curator. As I continue my last two quarters of college, I want to gain all the knowledge I can about “adulting.” I am excited but tremendously nervous to enter the workforce, but I know the experiences and knowledge I’ve gained at Curator have prepared me well.

When I first started at Curator, I had little-to-no experience with PR. Since then, my knowledge has grown exponentially and continues to grow everyday working with the team. I have learned so much at Curator and I am extremely grateful for everything they have taught me. One of the biggest skills I’ve learned has to be researching media and building media lists. Media lists are extremely important in PR because they’re how you get your story out to the public. I recently built a larger media list for a product release. The media list I built covered five states and Canada. A couple of the states I was finding media for were a little more rural. Without the media lists, there wouldn’t be a lot of coverage about the release. Over the course of my internship, I have built and found the right journalists for many things such as food events, products releases and sporting events.  While building media lists might be time consuming, they’re a crucial part of PR.

 After graduating and finishing my time at Curator, I plan to take a small break before jumping into everything. I want to do a little traveling, maybe to Europe or Asia. I want to give myself a little more time to be young before really becoming an adult. What I really mean is, I want to watch all the Gossip Girl I can while I eat a bunch of junk food.  As my internship ends and I continue my steps toward the professional workforce, I will be forever grateful for my time at Curator. Thank you Curator for the knowledge, skills, and most importantly the memories I have made with everyone!