Farewell Curator, From Nathan


Hello everyone! It’s Nathan, one of Curator’s spring interns. I am currently writing this from the Curator office, unwilling to leave - they may in fact have to kick me out. My experience at Curator has been nothing short of incredible. The valuable insights that I gained into the world of public relations were eye-opening. In my three months being an intern, I was introduced to many concepts that were entirely new to me, but with generous amounts of help and guidance I was able to become confident in executing and applying these concepts frequently. I now have firsthand experience with developing media lists, drafting press releases and social media copies and much more!

As a marketing major I had an interest in PR but did not fully grasp everything that the field encompassed. I think that regardless of major, a dive into the world of media and media relations will benefit any career. With a world so tied together and based on communication I feel better prepared coming out of this internship than any class on public relations could teach me.

I must admit that while the knowledge I gained from this internship will benefit me for the rest of my career, the most exciting and rewarding thing was interacting with the staff here at Curator. Delaney, Solana, Kiley, Lourdes, Scott and my intern colleague Marta all bring a brightness and joy to the office that elevated this role above just work. Everyone was inviting, patient and more than willing to teach me the skills I needed to learn. I am a strong supporter of doing what you love and working in an environment that makes you excited to go to work, and I can easily say that the people at Curator embody that and made that a reality for me. The best people to teach are the ones who are experts in their field and love their work and the staff at Curator represent these ideals.

I graduate very soon and will be heading straight off to more school before venturing out into the workforce. Thank you everyone at Curator for making my months as an intern as entertaining as they were informative.