Farewell Curator, From Marta


Hello everyone! It’s Marta. I introduced myself previously as a spring intern at Curator PR. Since you last heard from me I have gained very valuable insight into the world of PR from the Curator team, started my own podcast and tried new food spots in Pioneer Square! I am quickly approaching my last finals week of my undergraduate journey and can say I feel more prepared than ever to enter the workforce after graduation. 

I'm incredibly thankful for my time with Curator and the hands-on learning opportunities the team provided me in content creation, influencer research and media relations.

Over the course of my internship I have researched and pitched to reporters, drafted press releases, developed social media content and copy and even got to sit in on a radio segment for a client! I have been able to apply concepts and learnings from the classroom to real-world settings, helping clients communicate effortlessly with their targeted publics. 

I have gained many new skills since my first day at Curator PR such as creating effective media lists, intentional influencer lists, engaging press releases and have developed a keen eye for detail when creating content for social media. I have loved getting to know everyone on the team and will cherish the laughs, the lessons, and the creativity everyone shared with me! 

After graduating and ending my time with Curator I plan on attending my best friend’s wedding in Oregon, enjoying some sun (without homework) and swinging into things at the end of June with MSL Group. As my internship ends and I continue to develop my PR skills, I will be forever grateful for my time at Curator. Thank you Curator for trusting in my creative abilities, empowering me to be confident in my voice and most importantly for the memories we created together!