Gratitude List: Curator Edition

The holidays are here! Families are planning Thanksgiving menus, booking holiday travel, and thinking about the upcoming gift-giving season.

This is a magical time of year. We are all a bit more cheerful, grateful, thoughtful, and willing to celebrate the everyday. At Curator, the holiday season is also the busiest time of year because our clients are concentrated in the retail, travel, and food and beverage industries.

While we all are working hard on behalf of our amazing roster of clients, we are never too busy to acknowledge a teammate’s good work, applaud an agency win, or express appreciation to one another. With that in mind, we reflected on what we are thankful about Curator. Here is our collection of gratitude notes: 

"I am grateful that I come to Curator and learn something new from our team every day. We’re all focused on results, but we come together from different backgrounds, bring different strengths to the table and offer different perspectives. I love the process of brainstorming and problem solving with this team. I’m energized by the smart, thoughtful people around me and I never take that for granted." - Ann Marie Ricard, Senior Vice President / Group Account Director 

"I am thankful for our Curator team. I'm very appreciative of everyone's hard work and dedication to our clients. While we all are very different, we share a passion for our jobs, getting great results and being the best in client services." – Jennifer Carroll, Account Director

"I have always been fortunate to work alongside smart and remarkable people, but Curator takes it to the next level. With this team, I am mentored, challenged and valued. I laugh everyday. Beyond my incredible colleagues, I adore the brands we represent and my client teams are rad. To sum it up, I am grateful for finding job love at Curator for the first time in my career." – Kate Hudson, Senior Account Executive

"I joined Curator a few months ago, eager to be a part of the team, eager to be helpful. Transitioning into a new job is exciting, adventurous, and challenging, and as one might expect, I was greeted with a learning curve. My colleagues rallied around me, determined to see me succeed. Scott, Ann Marie and Jennifer guided me with helpful feedback, patience and generous praise. Kate jumped in when I was overwhelmed; Erin and Stephanie greeted me with daily kindness and encouragement (and a needed trip to Chick-fil-a). I am grateful for this supportive team of good people and I’m grateful that transitions don’t last forever!" – Blaire Benson, Senior Account Executive

"I am grateful for the people I work with. Ultimately, I’m a better professional and a better person because everyday I get to learn from and be pushed by some of the best in the business. I’m excited to come to work everyday and I want to work hard for the people who are sitting next to me." – Stephanie Kirk, Account Executive

"I’m grateful to Curator for a chance at an incredible career. Fresh out of college and in search of a job, Curator gave me a shot at a position better than I imagined. While this job is challenging, and often times stressful, I’m so grateful to work alongside knowledgeable mentors who teach me the how-tos of the PR industry, and, most importantly, this is a great start to my career with co-workers I call friends. To that, I thank you, Curator." – Erin Brown, Assistant Account Executive

"I'm grateful for all of the awesome mentors Curator has given me, who have all been so willing to help me grow and learn in this profession. Being a part of the Curator team has surrounded me with encouragement, knowledge and lots of laughs, and for that I am so thankful!" – Nicole Braman, Intern

"The different personalities we all bring to the table meshes so well, and I love that I can learn from each person in the office in different ways. During this busy holiday season, I can't help but adore the appreciation and support everyone gives to one another despite stressful situations. I am excited to get through the holidays and am so blessed to be part of a hardworking team!" – Kia Vang, Intern