How My Internship Was Much More Than “Just Getting Coffee”

When I arrived in the office on the first day of my internship with Curator, I was ready to embrace the industry I was passionate about, but I also felt nervous. About to begin my junior year at the University of Washington, I had reached the point in my collegiate career where things tend to get a bit more “serious.”

Within my first few weeks in the office, I felt comfortable and engaged in my work. The team was welcoming and helpful. Each day at Curator, I was eager to continue my work from previous days, and ready to jump into the next project.

As Seattle’s summer heat wave slowly simmered out and fall fell upon the city, the team focused on Halloween events, fall & harvest activities, Thanksgiving, and eventually, the December holidays. With so much hustle and bustle in the office, the weeks flew by!

Now in mid-December, these are my key takeaways from 13 weeks spent at Curator PR and my advice to future interns.

It is so important to believe in your client’s work.

Curator has some awesome clients – I largely supported Whole Foods Market and Simon Property Group. It was easy to be enthusiastic, because I was informed about each company and our account work. When working on behalf of clients you are unfamiliar with – research them. Equipped with the right background information, you will be ready to dive into client projects. And as Emerson said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Pay attention to the details.

Double-check every email you send – whether it is addressed to a fellow intern or your boss, and do so especially when pitching to the media. When submitting content online, verify all the given information is correct. Nothing is more frustrating than finding an error in an important piece of communication. Better to be safe rather than sorry!

Time management is crucial.

PR agencies are fast-paced environments. Keep a log of what you have completed, and record what remains on your list. If team members have clarifying questions, you will have a convenient reference point. Prioritize your assignments based off of deadlines and upcoming events – it often helps me to write down a physical “to-do” list.

Know that every small task contributes to a bigger goal.

My support on projects created the window for my supervisors to step out of the tactical trenches of account work. In addition to aiding the team, you will be surprised at how much each individual accomplishment, no matter how minor, will improve skills such as writing or interpersonal communication. Every task can teach you something and every contribution to the team is important!

What is next?

While only a brief sample of what I have learned with Curator, I am grateful for my opportunity here. The skills and relationships acquired here are so valuable to my professional development and network. I am more confident in my writing, I understand the fundamentals of working with media, and ultimately, and I have a deeper understanding of the PR industry and agency life. And last but not least, a big shout-out to the Curator team – thank you for your guidance and encouragement over the past 13 weeks. You guys are so amazing!

My adventures in PR are just starting – let the journey begin!

- Laura Caroline