Intern Roll Call: Meet Jerry


Hello everyone! My name is Jerry Choi and I am currently a senior at the University of Washington majoring in communications. I found out about Curator PR through PRSSA and decided I wanted to intern because, man, it is so hard to find a lifestyle PR firm in Seattle. I am excited to get more hands-on experience working on client accounts and with a smaller team. 

I grew up in Mill Creek, Washington, and then moved to Seattle for school and I have loved every moment in the city. I am a huge extrovert, hence why I love urban cities (the bigger the better) and while I love Seattle with a passion, my dream is to move to NYC for work one day. Throughout my academic life, I had many career changes but the biggest ones were switching from biology to journalism, and now to public relations. 

When I am not at Curator, I love to explore Seattle, finding all the nooks and crannies or just shopping for clothes (a self investment shall I say). One contrary aspect of me that many people seem to be surprised by is that I love nature and like to go on hikes or boat on lakes. I’m a person who cannot stay inside all day or else I’ll go crazy. 

My career passions are in fashion, and fashion PR is very much something I am trying to pursue. However, as a beginner in the PR field, I’m open to getting my feet wet in all industries. Life is a journey and a mystery, but those are the fun parts! We’ll see where I end up.