Intern Roll Call: Meet Nathan

Nathan Headshot.png

Hello Everyone! My name is Nathan Woldstad and I am currently a Senior at Central Washington University studying Marketing. When I found the opportunity to intern at Curator, I knew it would be a great learning experience.  My best learning has always been achieved by doing, so I am ecstatic to do hands-on work at Curator. I am very excited to begin this internship and start exploring business outside of the classroom.

I was raised in Granite Falls, a small town in Washington near the mountains. I was always restless in a one stoplight town and dreamed of moving to Seattle, the big city. I finally managed to achieve this dream when I started college, moving to Queen Anne and loving every minute of it. Now that I am here I have been taking in all the city has to offer. From coffee, to cuisine, to the nightlife, my love for the city has only increased.

When I am not in class or working at Curator I am also a barista. Coffee in Seattle is iconic, and the ability to be a part of that culture is thrilling. I am also a trained chocolatier, having ran a chocolate shop and a confection department before returning to college. Both experiences have cemented my love for food, and I am always looking for new flavors and ingredients to add to my cooking. I hope to travel the world one day, learning different cultures and cooking methods.

My love affair with learning and higher education will continue after graduation as I enter a graduate program at Pacific Lutheran University. I am looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of social media, influencer collaboration, and working on events while at Curator. Together these experiences will allow me to handle a wide range of tasks and jobs, and  give me skills to put towards my future career.