Internship Takeaways

My time at Curator has come to a close and what I have learned over the past 10 weeks will not only stay with me, but hopefully will lead me to an entry-level position post graduation. Below are the three major takeaways from my time at Curator.

Prioritization is key
Working on so many accounts is an incredible learning experience, but can be overwhelming. With different supervisors for each account all asking you to work on time-consuming projects, it is important to prioritize your work. When you first get into the office, list out all the tasks that need to get done that day in order of urgency. Cross them off as you go to feel a huge sense of accomplishment! Also, make sure to give supervisors status updates on when projects will likely be finished or if you need additional time in order to finish a more time-sensitive assignment. They will understand and appreciate the heads up!

Say yes to new projects
When asked if you’d like to work on a project, the answer is always a resounding "yes!" How else will you learn? When asked if I could work on a graphic design project, I gave a hesitant “yes,” initially thinking I lacked the skill set required, but I succeeded. Consequently, I was handed additional design projects, which turned out to be my favorite tasks to work on. Now, I’m considering a graphic design certificate program to pair with my communication degree! This wouldn’t be the case had I said “no,” without making an attempt. 

Small contributions are important
It can be disheartening, repeatedly working on seemingly insignificant projects when you want to dive in. Remember, you’re an intern and you are here to get your feet wet (don’t worry, I’m finished with the swim analogy now). You will come to realize that even the smallest of tasks is part of a much larger picture. Your contributions are necessary and important to the team, so be diligent no matter the task.

Thank you, Curator!
- Your Summer intern