Less Is More

Each year, some brands make the mistake of going too far in their attempts to memorialize the tragedy of 9/11.

While brands often attempt to inject themselves into social chatter, times of tragedy generally shouldn’t be fodder for conversation on branded social channels.

Even the most well intended posts and Tweets can come off as insensitive, and even crass. With this in mind, the general rule is that a moment of silence on social media can say so much more than a Tweet that can be easily misinterpreted.

However, if your brand plans to pay tribute next year, take some time to review this year’s list of #brandfails named by AdWeek and learn how to avoid potential backlash.

1.    Do not use the tragedy as an opportunity to push your product. – There is no room for sales or promotions in connection with this infamous date, period. It’s just poor taste.

2.    Avoid using a cutesy or lighthearted tone. –Such a serious historic event shouldn’t be made light of.

3.    Do not use branded logos in images. – This can come off as opportunistic and takes away from the overall sentiment of the message.

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