Life After House of Cards Season Three

We go back to Washington D.C. this weekend after a year of waiting for House of Cards season three to arrive! If this is the first you’re hearing this, I’m assuming it’s because you’ve been in a hole watching seasons one and two. The nature of binge watching a show has become almost “normal” rather than “lazy” idea over the past years as the TV landscape has become more digital. Rather than watching a movie at night, couples are watching 1-2 okay maybe 3 episodes of a new show at night. 

I’m thankful for Netflix and Hulu to allow such binge watching and save me the boxed dvd prices and lost storage space to hold them once I’m finished. There’s a good chance you may finish House of Cards Season Three in one day, so here are some other Curator recommended binge worthy shows for your enjoyment:

"I've found myself watching 1-2 episodes of Sons of Anarchy a night. I'm sad to say that my viewing has almost come to a close with now on Season 7 but also looking forward to normal dreams again." -Brooke

"I just finished binging through Ray Donovon (Showtime) and am deciding on a new show to start. Really wanting to finish out Sons of Anarchy or start True Detective -- I feel like I need to limit myself to one at a time though. Open to suggestions! If you have some, holler @c_allodi" -Chelsey

"Just House of Cards. That is my only binge-worthy addiction." -Ann Marie

"My wife makes the non-sports TV decisions. Lately it's been Flipping Out, which I actually like, and The Real Housewives of New York, which I imagine is on all the time in at least three circles of hell." -Paul

"I can't stop watching How to Get Away With Murder! Can't wait for new episodes at the end of the month!" -Noelle

"Well, I know I'm kind-of late in the game on this one, but I just started New Girl. It's hilarious! And then there are shows I'm always trying to finish: OITNB, OTH, PLL, Scandal, Revenge, Arthur... the list goes on. Too many shows, too little time." -Anna

"I'm not binge watching anything right now. Girls just started again, so we'll see how long I last this season. You can only see Lena Dunham naked so many times…" -Jennifer

"We were on a homeland kick for a few weeks but just finished the last season. It got good again. Excited for Downton Abby. We offset that high brow experience from Sunday nights with a train wreck on Monday nights in the Bachelor. Got to keep things even." -Scott