Meet Kate Hudson

Hi, I’d like to introduce myself—I’m Kate Hudson. Lovely to meet you!

If you are like most folks when we first meet, now would be a good moment to make a joke like “I loved you in Almost Famous” or “I can’t believe you dated Alex Rodriguez.”

One month ago yesterday, I joined Curator PR!

Since diving in, it has been a fast and fun four weeks of learning the business, honing in on new media friends, asking questions and getting to know the team and clients. While many would fret over being new, Curator feels like home, working with a team that is damn good at what they do and consumer and lifestyle clients that are best in class.

Before joining Curator, I built my career as an earned media specialist working with clients across commercial real estate, city government, hospitality and consumer technology at Seattle PR agencies like Frause and Weber Shandwick. Whether producing influencer events or building relationships with my clients’ key press, to keeping a pulse on the industry trends driving news cycles, I love the earned media hustle.

Beyond the credentials on my résumé, I’m a Seattle native and love the Pacific Northwest. I was indoctrinated as rain worshipper at an early age with my first memories being from the coast or a campground, and I learned to read at the same time I learned to recycle. I have drunk coffee like it’s water since passing my driver’s test, and I didn’t realize one shouldn’t wear fleece every day until halfway through college.

These days I can be found hiking the Cascades with my Chocolate Labrador, racking up air miles with my husband, sipping wine with my squad, or putzing around Seattle neighborhoods. 

As autumn rolls in, I’ll hope to see you at the Curator office soon!

Until then,