Meet the Fall Interns: Say hi to Dominique!


Hi everyone! My name is Dominique Mohler, and I’m excited to be interning with Curator. I’m currently a sophomore studying Communications and Media at Seattle University. I’m excited to learn more about PR, continuing my love of writing which began my Junior year of high school all because of my amazing English teacher. Writers are able to inspire and bring about new ideas, knowing that each individual word is significant and has its own impact. What I LOVE about public relations is the ability to counsel clients to articulate and convey their voice to promote their brand with the public.

I am originally from the Bay Area, but have grown to love Seattle because it is literally a breath of fresh air. This city has lots of amazing restaurants and unique festivals almost every weekend, so it’s hard to be bored here. The coolest event I have attended so far was a pop-up Blind Cafe, where we sat in a pitch-black room and were waited on by blind servers. When I’m not in school or interning at Curator, I enjoy going outdoors and visiting Seattle hot spots like Kerry Park or Alki Beach while vibing with music from artists such as Jessie Reyes, Miguel, or Daniel Caesar (typical Bay vibes I know).

I’m looking forward to getting real hands-on experience in my field by sitting in on meetings and practicing valuable skills like writing pitches while helping further Curator’s clients’ goals. I am also excited to spend more time exploring Pioneer Square and working with my lovely team this quarter!