Note Game Strong

Knowing how to prioritize and stay organized is a life-saving skills in the agency world. With dozens of dates and meetings to track -- and keep notes for -- it’s important to find the right tools and processes to help stay on top of it all.

Some people like to keep things all-digital or all-old-school and handwritten. I prefer a combination. 

The type-A in me always lights up at pretty new office supplies and I do love a good color-code, so having a hard copy planner, notebook and plenty of highlighters is clutch. I always keep a notebook in my work bag for "no-technology" meetings, and to have on hand for laptop-malfunction-backup. 

I've found that Home Goods is a fabulous place to find planners, notebooks and stationary (and office/desk decor) because they're really cute and really affordable. 

*I color-code all my emails and digital calendars, too, of course.

*I color-code all my emails and digital calendars, too, of course.

I also keep sticky notes handy for those quick thoughts or things to remember that aren’t big enough to require a spot in the purdy notebook. (Shout-out to my mom for the monogrammed notepads!)

Evernote has become my savior from a bajillion draft emails I used to create in meetings or on a call. Typing for me is often faster than writing, but I never had a consistent method for keeping those notes.

I love Evernote because:

  • I can keep notebooks for different clients or projects
  • I can send and receive notes or notebooks from my colleagues (so helpful!)
  • You can add tags and search your notes
  • I REPEAT– you can search your notes!
  • You can access from your tablet or smartphone because it’s an app

Those are my favorite and most used features on the free version. Evernote also offers some other bells and whistles with their Pro editions. 

We love learning about new tools and hearing how other people manage their time -- recommendations welcome: @CuratorPR.