PR Challenges — As Told by an Intern

Anna Tremblay is one of Curator's interns for summer 2015. To learn more about Curator's internship program, click here.

As a public relations student who is getting ready to start my final year of school, my time is slowly ticking away before I leave the safety of school for the hustle of the PR world. In the short time that I have worked at Curator I have learned that there are definitely some challenges that people in the PR industry face.

Some of these are felt on a day-to-day basis and others are more gradual. Either way, I think it would be a mistake to not prepare myself for some of the challenges I will face in the PR-world, as I get closer to graduation.  


One of the challenges that I feel is most daunting, but at the same time most exciting, is that the PR industry is constantly changing. During my time in the industry, there will inevitably be even more changes occurring. Preparing for changes isn’t an especially easy task, but I can prepare by viewing them as an invitation for new innovation and creativity. Simply put, PR will definitely never get boring.

Time management

You know, that thing that they have supposedly been drilling into your brain since you were in middle school?  Yeah well I thought I was pretty much an expert at it, and then I started working at Curator.

Okay, lets rewind. One of my favorite things about my internship is that I get to work on several different accounts, and I have a nice variety of tasks to perform every day. But with this there has to be a component of time management. When is it okay to stop working on one account and start another? How do I stop in the middle of one task and start something else?  

Working at Curator has been a huge step in my time-management growth process, and it’s something I’ll continue to develop at school next year.

Overcoming fear

Last of the things on my to-master-before-graduation list is to become a bit more fearless. Sitting in a brainstorm meeting and not-sharing my ideas because I’m afraid they might be stupid is not beneficial for anyone. Who knows—that idea I didn’t share that one time could have made the difference for the clients.

Speaking up and sharing ideas will only be step toward my main goal of giving every client 110%. This will be arguably the hardest of the three to work on. Creativity is something that is highly encouraged at Curator—another one of the millions of reasons why I am so happy I got this amazing opportunity. Slowly, I am learning that there is no such thing as a stupid idea.

I am having so much fun learning about all things PR from the Curators. I am excited to see where the industry goes and how I will get to play a role in it after graduation.