The Curator News Feed: January 23, 2015

We are dedicated this week's news feed to our Seattle Seahawks. You're welcome. 

NFL Conference Championship Wrap-up: See You in Arizona, Grantland

"Seahawks fans got something that might even be better than a Super Bowl: unbridled joy. A ring is the pinnacle for a player. The sort of earthshaking, exuberant, stunned happiness that comes with a fourth quarter like Sunday’s is the pinnacle of fandom." 

You're welcome. - Paul

George Costanza - Let's Get Nuts, YouTube

I posted this right after the fake field goal. - Paul

Michael Bennett celebrates NFC Championship win with joy ride: "Best bike ride I've ever had", Seahawks

I hope Bennett rides a bike in the Superbowl parade. - Brooke

Gotta love SPD's handling of copyright. - Paul

I Missed the Seahawks Game for a Kid's Birthday Party, Seattle Met

A Very Special Win, MMQB

Crazy-but-true: The fake field goal was a play designed specifically for this game, specifically for a member of Green Bay's special teams defense. If he wasn't on the field, the play wouldn't have happened. -

Seattle Sports History, SB Nation

This is a pretty great post, comparing win-probability charts for Game 5 of the 1995 ALDS (The Double) and this year's NFC Championship. - Paul

Ex-Giants K Lawrence Tynes trolls Patriots with one vicious tweet, ESPN

Seahawks fans will love this tweet. - Paul

The improbable 8 minutes and 30 seconds that brought the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, SB Nation

I love the analysis of the coin toss in this one. - Brooke

The game wasn't over until Russell Wilson decided it was, SB Nation

It's like this post was written specifically for Scott. - Paul

I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined, Seahawks

Not Even Hockey Is Safe For Packers Fans Right Now, Deadspin

This guy is awesome. - Paul

This Fan-Shot Video Is The Best Way To Relive Jermaine Kearse's TD Catch, Deadspin

This is so cool. - Paul

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt face off in a Super Bowl rivalry, The Daily Dot

This just solidified my love for Chris Pratt even more. - Brooke

12 greatest games in Seattle Seahawks history, Seattle PI

A wonderful trip down Seahawks memory lane! - Brooke

You could put 1-3 in any order. - Paul

PsBattle: Seahawks' punter throwing a touchdown pass, Reddit

This Photoshop challenge of Jon Ryan's throw is pretty great. Probably some NSFW entries. - Paul

Jon Ryan Doing "The Belt" Is A Truly Great Moment In Punter History, Deadspin

Need some ice for that sick burn? Jon Ryan stole Aaron Rodgers' "belt" celebration after his touchdown pass. - Paul


Shut it down. This is the best video. - Paul

11 of the best things Seahawk Michael Bennett has ever said (that we know of), My Northwest