The Curator Newsfeed: October 16, 2015


Happy Friday once again! It's a beautiful end to another week here in Seattle. We have some great links and client coverage rounded up below. Enjoy your weekend!

This Nipple Tatooist is Changing Women's LivesElle, A beautiful story of a tattoo artist who gives women nipple tattoos after most often breast cancer surgery. "I used to think of a nipple entirely as a sexual thing. It was beautiful to look at and touch; this amazing, secret thing that belonged to a woman. Now I see it as this incredibly important piece to the human puzzle. I wasn't prepared for how something so small can make people feel whole again."- Brooke

Babies in Pumpkins!, Ellen, The cuteness overload is real! -Audrey

Just About Everything About Twitter Suspending Deadspin And SBNation Accounts Is RidiculousTech Dirt, On Monday night, Twitter shut down Deadspin's and SB Nation's accounts, because they had repeatedly received takedown notices from the NFL over the former two's repeated use of animated GIFs. A lot of people come out of this looking stupid—Twitter, the NFL—but mostly it's just an illustration of how effed up and behind the times our copyright laws are. -Paul

Histography- Timeline of HistoryHistography, Wanna have your effing mind blown? Check out this visualization of all historical events listed on Wikipedia. -Paul

A Visual History of Every Single Oreo Flavor, EverRefinery 29