To Gain You Must Maintain

As Stephanie and Kate have both discussed recently on the blog, influencer relationships are of growing importance. Here at Curator we are experts at cultivating those relationships, but how does your brand maintain them? It’s imperative to continue fostering those relationships with regular communication. Like friendships, if someone only reaches out when she needs something, the relationship isn’t likely to last long-term. We recommend engaging in the simple ways outlined below to continue to care for and foster established influencer relationships.

Support their platforms.

  • Influencers work hard to build strong followings on social media and their blogs. Continue to follow them, visit their blogs and websites and support events or programs they host when possible.

Interact with their content.

  • Regularly ‘like’ and comment on their social posts.
  • When there is a compelling fit and it’s appropriate to do so, share or repost their content with your own followers.

Expand your network.

  • Influencers follow and interact with other influencers, often building a strong network and community. Pay attention to the other influencers that engage with the content shared by your existing partners. Where there’s overlap or synergy, begin to follow and interact with that influencer’s content as well.