Travel Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is here! And that means so is holiday travel – probably the most hectic time of year to take a trip. So, I’ve put together a few pro-tips to keep you sane as you embark on your journeys near or far this holiday season – hope it helps!

1.    Plan. The most foolproof way to enjoy holiday travel is to plan. Waiting until the last minute to book or pack can sometimes cause anxiety and stress. Although we sometimes can’t avoid those last-minute changes, planning as much as possible in advance has never steered me wrong!

2.    Pack lightly. An easy way to enjoy traveling is to pack light. This makes it easier to transport luggage, so you’re not knocking people out with your 75 lb. bag in the airport. Or, if you’re road tripping (which comes with a whole other set of traveling tips) you’ll have more room in the car for necessities (like snacks) and legroom.

3.    Leave early. The holiday season is a crazy one – everyone’s traveling, shopping and constantly on the move. Whether you're traveling a short distance to get to the airport, or traveling hours over the hill and through the woods to grandmother's house, the roads are bound to be busy, there will be unexpected accidents or fluke weather, so leave early to save some stress.

4.    Bring a book. Regardless if you're traveling to a relative’s or away to an exotic vacation destination, bring a book. Reading, unlike watching TV, can help give you some real time at the end of the day to sit back, relax, and dive into an alternate world.


5.    Stay calm. No matter what happens – stay calm. This is the happiest time of year (right?). So enjoy the lights, the tree, the candles, the food, the family – and stay calm.

Hope these little reminders come in handy. And if you are traveling this holiday season I wish you the happiest of travels!