Meet Curator's Newest SAE: Blaire Benson


Hey y’all! (Yes, I use the word “y’all” quite often, but I’m not your typical southern belle). My name is Blaire, and I’m Curator’s newest Senior Account Executive. I moved to Seattle a few months ago and working for Curator is sure to be one of my biggest adventures here yet. Before Curator, I ran my own PR consulting business in Durham, North Carolina, my hometown and one of my favorite cities on Earth (along with Addis Ababa, Ethiopia).

For me, one of the biggest draws to Curator, besides their Friday happy hour and culture of care, was their clientele. Getting to work for brands I love with people I really enjoy sounded like a win and so far, it has been just that. I was also drawn to this agency because I wanted to be a part of a team. Working as an independent contractor is wonderful, but there is something truly special about the camaraderie that comes with working at an agency—it grows you in a way that only teamwork can.

My favorite thing about being alive is getting to be in messy, complicated, and beautiful relationships with people. Of course, it can be exhausting, but I can’t think of anything more worthy of our energy than connecting with one another and ultimately, I think that’s what keeps me in this profession.

Outside of the office you can find me loving/hating a good hike, volunteering at the King County Juvenile Detention Center, enjoying Seattle (read: North Carolina fall) weather and the clothes/shoes (read: sweaters, boots and scarfs) that accompany it, and shopping at any of the local farmers markets, usually for flowers that I give to myself.