2014 New Years Resolutions

I have two: Keep better in touch with friends and family outside of Washington, hopefully more trips to visit! Do something new or re-learn an old skill…thinking I may need to hit the slopes this winter! -- Chelsey 2114_662255612382_5510_n

One of the things I'd really like to kick into high gear is Curator's own social media accounts. I want to start expressing some of that culture I alluded to in the Best Curator Moments post via our presence on social. We're a fun group. We think you'd think we're fun, too, and we're planning to start opening up a bit more in the New Year. -- Paul

My new years resolution is to have the best year ever. Every year I get older, the definition of my resolution changes slightly. This year, that means I want to grow as much as I can professionally and intellectually, concentrate less on material items, and focus on appreciating the people and intangible things I am insanely lucky to have. -- Megan


To stick with my other resolutions. :) -- Dan

I've never really been big into making New Year's resolutions, so I haven't thought much about this one. I'm constantly working to reach new fitness goals throughout the year and I hope this continues. But, overall, if I can make 2014 a better year than the last then I'd say New Year's resolution accomplished! -- Annie

Make the time to read 1 book per month. And not business-related reading, but rather books just for the heck of it. -- Ann Marie

Resolutions are like wishes, if I tell you it won’t come true…  -- Matthew

I usually don't make one New Years Resolution, but create a list of goals for the year, one of which will definitely be seeing Beyonce live. I mean come on, she dropped an album, a visual album, with no notice and no publicity. I can't tell my children that I was in my twenties when she was at her prime and didn't see her live. I basically don't have a choice. -- Maria

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