A Curator Halloween

1236236_655228414497946_2005803531_n To celebrate Halloween today, we asked the office to name their best (or worst) costume to date. Not surprisingly, we uncovered some gems. Stay weird, guys!

What is your best (or worst) Halloween costume?

Cheerleader (worst, for everyone who witnessed it). -- Shawn

Simultaneously the best and worst costume I ever wore was when I dressed up as a present. Once in third grade and again right after I graduated college. When I was in third grade and walked around with a giant wrapped-up box and bow, it was cute. When I was in my 20s and had grown quite a bit since age 8, it wasn’t quite as cute when I got stuck in doorways and couldn’t fit in the restaurant booth wearing that huge thing. Most inconvenient costume ever. -- Annie

Whether this classifies as the best or worst probably depends on who you ask, but it was certainly my favorite costume. Myself and a few friends donned wigs, bad ties and aviators in the style of “The Chief,” “Cochese” and “The Rookie” from the classic Beastie Boys music video, Sabotage. -- Matthew


When I was like 8 years old, my mom hand-made a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume for me. I was Donatello, even though, like every kid, my favorite turtle was Raphael. I think it was just a logistical thing: Donatello's the only turtle with one weapon, and I needed a free hand to carry my candy. Anyway, the outfit consisted of a green sweatshirt and sweatpants, yellow felt ironed onto the shirt for the turtle tummy, and a brown towel packed with stuffing and stitched to the back for the shell. The only part that wasn't original was the mask, which was a Toys 'R Us buy (come to think of it, I may have picked Don because all the Raph masks were sold out). If I'm ever able to duplicate that kind of craftsmanship, I'll be impressed with myself. Well done, mom. -- Paul

Best costume as a kid: Han Solo from Return of the Jedi. Vest, blaster. I felt like a badass. Best costume as an adult: Shawn Herron. His kids couldn’t even tell us apart. Worst costume as an adult: Morticia Addams. Horrific. -- Dan

One year, three friends and I went as the Fruit of the Loom. I was the purple bunch of grapes, accompanied by a green bunch of grapes, an apple and a big leaf. We made our own costumes, and there were a lot of balloons involved, none of which survived the party. -- Megan


Homemade costumes are always the best! Some of my childhood faves were Alice in Wonderland (complete with my own White Rabbit, pocket watch and all) and The Little Mermaid (sparkly green tail, hair sprayed red, the works). -- Noelle

Home-made three headed monster with my two best friends circa 1997. I was in the middle and barely had armholes.  -- Maria

I loved Annie when I was a kid. When I was five, my mom indulged me and sewed a replica red dress and I also wore a red wig and Annie's signature heart locket. Best Halloween ever! -- Jennifer

It's a tie between being Dalmatians with my sisters with my mom as Cruella and another year I was a one person piggy-back ride, it was weird.  -- Chelsey