Cheeseburgers and Powerball

In-N-Out Cheeseburger, Photo Credit: Flickr Commons

In-N-Out Cheeseburgers, Photo Credit: Flickr Commons


In honor of National Cheeseburger Day and the big $400 million Powerball drawing tonight, we took a quick office poll to see where everyone's favorite cheeseburger is from and where they'd most like to enjoy it if they won the jackpot. 

My favorite cheeseburger is from my backyard BBQ. And if I won tonight’s Powerball jackpot I’d still opt for the cheeseburger from my backyard BBQ…At my house in West London, which I would buy after winning the Power Ball. - Matthew

I’d be able to charter a jet to fly to In-N-Out. - Ann Marie

On the beach in Bora Bora. - Scott

Red Mill – Dan

I'd fly to NYC for shake shack! - Brooke 

Scooter's in Ballard. Those guys don't mess around.- Paul

My favorite burger is Bravehorse Tavern (minus the cheese…I know that’s terrible for National Cheeseburger Day!) And if I won the $400 million, that would call for a private jet flight down to Cali for some In-N-Out Burger. Close to Napa and great burgers! - Annie

My favorite cheeseburger is from Local 360, but if I won tonight I'd go to Quinn's because I've heard it's good, but have never been. - Maria

Red Mill – Shawn

Can't beat designing your own cheeseburger at The Counter! If I won tonight's Powerball jackpot I'd enjoy my perfectly designed turkey burger (and milkshake of course) from the beach in Ibiza, Spain! - Chelsey

In-N-Out – Jennifer

Lil Woody's (bleu cheese burgers FTW) - Megan

I don't eat red meat, but if grilled cheese counts, it's In-N-Out for me, hands down! Animal style pretty please! If I won tonight's jackpot, I'd take my grilled cheese to Bora Bora, to enjoy from my own glass-bottom bungalow, perched above the electric blue water. – Noelle

It looks like great minds not only think alike, but eat alike too! Where would you most want to get a cheeseburger if you won tonight's $400 million Powerball jackpot?