Designing With Curator

As the rain returns I can tell that summer has officially ended and with it my time as a design intern at Curator is drawing to a close. I could never  tell you just how much experience I've gained, or how many amazing things I've gotten to do this summer, but I can tell you that this internship has meant so much to me. So what made this internship so great? Curators are awesome. I came in with a typical view of office life where people are friendly and tolerate each other but they don't actually become close friends. Not at Curator. These people are all genuinely good friends with each other, which makes the office environment so much fun to work in.

Never did I ever think that coming on as a design intern I'd get to have so much creative freedom with my work--I half expected to be going on coffee runs for everybody! But instead I've been helping with website building, app creation, flat brochure materials, and movie editing. Did I tell you how cool Shawn is? I can't believe the amount of work that he gets done every week. At most design firms you would typically expect one person to do video, another to do websites, and another to do flat printed work. Not here. Shawn does it all, and he does it really well.

All in all I'd just like to say thank you to all the Curators who have made this a great summer for me. Really--you guys are all amazing people and I'm sad to say goodbye. Thank you for giving me the best internship anyone could offer.

Below are some examples of work I've done this summer:



Will Vote for Food tent




-- Kendra Hobbs,