Best Curator Moments of 2013

We sure enjoy ourselves here in the office, and as a 2013 wrap-up, we wanted to share our favorite moments of the year with you. Cheers! My favorite Curator moment was visiting Stanford Shopping Center in November for the American Girl grand opening. Jennifer and I were both there and it was quite the experience! Never before have I seen so much pink! The smiling faces of all the girls and their dolls was pretty special and made it that much more rewarding to be a part of such a fun and successful event.  -- Chelsey

Curator American GirlCurator American Girl 2

All the new people we hired. Every person I work with is insanely good at what they do and hella fun to work with. It's not really like work. It's more like back in high school, when yeah, there was work to do, but you got to show up each day and see your friends. That's not an easy dynamic to drop into, but Jennifer, Maria, Brooke, Noelle and Megan did it flawlessly and have set a high bar for anyone who joins us in the future. -- Paul 

Successful client events, Curator holiday functions and times I’ve laughed so hard I cried from something that happened in the office... those all spring to mind, but my favorite Curator moment of 2013 was when I got hired to work here. I was recently asked if this was my dream job, and without a doubt the answer is yes. Thanks to Scott for offering me the opportunity of a lifetime. #lovemyjob -- Megan

Megan Kamitsuka

My favorite moment from Curator this year was executing the launch of Seattle’s Best Coffee in Dallas. Impossible deadline, starting from ground zero, two cross-country road trips, building props in our garages and 20 days of 95- to 108-degree weather... and boy, was it sweet. -- Dan

Curator PR - SBC

Oh, decisions, decisions! So many gems from the Curator office to consider! It's a toss up between when Brooke did the worm in the middle of the office and Ann Marie's reaction when she found the taxidermy squirrel hanging on her wall.   -- Annie

Three words: Squirrel Voting Booth. -- Ann Marie


My favorite Curator moment was when we were hanging out at one of Q13's Blue Friday segments for a client and Sir Mix A Lot showed up. Chelsey, Megan and I made sure to get a photo with him. It was pretty awesome. -- Maria


Aside from joining the team in 2013, my favorite Curator team moment was spending time with my fellow Curators during our Summer outing. #ImOnABoat -- Noelle

If I had to pick just one, it would be the Curator Summer outing. Not just because it was a lot of fun, laughs and food, but because we all got to spend the day together as friends. I feel completely blessed to work with folks that are not only talented, but also a blast to be around.  -- Matthew