Summer is Fleeting

Oh, summer in Seattle. I have a friend from out of town who jokes that when the temps hit 60, Seattleites rejoice in the “heat wave.” It's true: we dust off our shorts from the back of our closets, head for the nearest body of water, and roll down all the windows in the car like it’s a convertible (or, maybe that's just me). You'll know it's summer when you hear that delightful noise of flip flops start slapping the streets, much to our own Paul’s dismay. (Disclaimer: it's been in the 80's lately: my friend doesn't always give Seattle the benefit of the doubt.)

We do these things because as Seattleites have been inside for many months, anxiously awaiting said “heat wave.” We may have been laying in wait, but we were busy inside daydreaming of all the things we can do once the beloved summer sun shows its glorious face.

I recently read a blog post called, “A Friendly Reminder Your Summer is Half Over,” and it really got me motivated to keep exploring the outdoors during this season. By the time I had finished reading the post, FOMO was at an all-time high. I was moved to get out and start ticking off items from my bucket list before dark winter nights creep up on us.

I couldn’t act fast enough.

First, I took a scenic trail hike up a mountain that overlooks my hometown and the lake. I tried stand-up paddle boarding for the first time. I went rollerblading at the park. I planned a coastal camping trip with the family, and hopped on a gondola to the top of ski resort to marvel at the majestic beauty that is Mt. Rainier.

The best thing is, when I took such great advantage of my weekends, I felt totally in control of my life and my own happiness. I gained an unbound sense of relaxation and some stronger muscles to boot (paddle boarding is a tough workout on a windy day for a beginner!). All this serves as a timely revelation, as my career has just begun, and I'm excited to use it to my advantage.

Further still, when I was totally satisfied with my weekends, that translated to more productive hours in the office. Simple as that. I come back into Curator refreshed each new week, eager to tackle everything on my to-do list with an extra kick in my step.

I know that when summer ends, I will have to look to other forms of motivation and inspiration to stay on top of my game at work. But for now, I’m drinking in every bit of summer the Pacific Northwest has to offer me to benefit life inside and outside the office.

The team has found getting outdoors this summer increases their productivity, too.  The following pictures and quotes describe what the other Curators enjoy doing outside the office this summer to keep them focused. You can find more of our summer adventures on Instagram, tagged with #CuratorSummer. Enjoy, and carpe diem!


"I love to spend time in the San Juans.  As soon as I smell the salt water I feel relaxed." -- Scott

"Going to summer concerts and food/drink festivals, especially anything outdoor, are my favorite things to do!" -- Chelsey


"Roll through backroads of west Cascades foothills." -- Shawn


"Summer is an awesome time to live in Seattle! Finally our rain jackets get tossed in the closet and we get to go outside and enjoy our city. During my free time this summer I've enjoyed longboarding, training for a marathon and finally getting some much-needed reading time in. I love to go longboarding at Alki Beach. Personally, I think Alki has the best views in all of Seattle. I was particularly excited to see sun this summer because I got a new longboard for my birthday and couldn't wait to break it in : ) Hope you're all enjoying this weather as much as I've been!" -- Kendra

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 11.30.22 AM

"I've enjoyed having picnic dinners with Chris and Charlotte at some of our favorite spots in Seattle, including Gas Works Park. The view of the city, on a summer day, is incredible! See if you can spot the Space Needle." -- Jennifer

Jennifer and Charlotte

"For me, camping, hiking and road trips keep me sane in the summer. Destinations need only fit one of our three criterion: Near water, near family in the mountains." -- Matthew




"I'd say one of my favorite summer activities is definitely getting out to a concert on a warm summer night, whether an area-style production or just outdoors at my local county fair. Something about watching and listening to my favorite bands live evokes nostalgic summertime memories. Nothing like some good tunes and good times with your friends and family to leave you feeling upbeat and ready to take on another day!" -- Noelle


"I’m convinced there is nothing more awe-inspiring than to watch the sun set behind the Olympic Mountains. I try to get down to the beach near my house to catch a spectacular sunset as often as possible during the summer months." -- Ann Marie

Who says Seattle isn't beachy?

"As much as I love my indoor workout studio, I've enjoyed taking advantage of the long summer days with hikes outside the city! Getting out of the city and sweating in a new environment keeps me on my toes while capturing a few good Instagrams." -- Brooke

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 5.47.05 PM

"Music, Friends, Traveling, Exploring Seattle, Being Outdoors, Dance Class" -- Maria


"For me, the perfect way to disconnect and recharge is to get out into the wilderness and camp for a few days. Sometimes it's with family; other times it's with Josh's Cub Scout Pack, but anytime I get to go to a place with no cell reception and no media of any kind...that's perfect." -- Dan (who is currently on a stay-cation)

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 5.53.29 PM

"Hiking anywhere near water and the sun." -- Annie

Hiking by the water

"I spend most of the week at my desk, updating social networks. So to unwind, I like to head out on Lake Union and sail, and update social networks there." --Paul

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 6.01.01 PM