Target - Curator Extraordinaire

Last night, as I was watching a DVRed episode of "Game of Thrones" (GREAT show, BTW), an ad popped on for Target, but it was no regular ad. It was one about The Shops at Target, which the company bills as "collected & curated for you." Right off the bat, I knew it was brilliant and would be a hit with consumers. It's also once again elevated the retailer to a new level in terms of brand perception. With a classy logo/mark and partnerships with trendy brands that include The Candy Store, Cos Bar, Polka Dog Bakery, Privet House, The Webster, New York’s Kirna Zabete and Odin, San Francisco’s The Curiosity Shoppe and Boston’s PATCH NYC, target is elevating its stores and over-delivering on consumer expectations. My guess is they'll be elevating their profits handily, too.

Some of you reading this may not be old enough to remember a time when Target was viewed on the same level as K-Mart and other "discount" retailers. Over the years, they've redefined retail marketing and are doing it again through tapping into the growing desires of consumers everywhere for a curated experience.

Bravo, Target!

P.S. Save me some goodies from The Candy Store. I freaking love that place.