Throwback Thursday: Odd Jobs

As fans of Throwback Thursday, we wanted to honor this social trend by sharing some fun facts about the Curator team. Today's throwback theme: odd jobs (too bad we couldn't find any photo evidence of some of these!)


Can you guess which Curators held these jobs in their past lives?

The jobs:

1. Delivering pigs (No, not pig UPS. More like sow midwifery) 2. Video Game Room Manager at Toys “R” Us 3. Disneyland Cast Member 4. Showroom assistant at a marble/granite warehouse 5. Hot Tub Repo 6. Tour guide at a chocolate factory 7. Manager of an art boutique 8. Taught dance class 9. Sold shoes at Foot Locker 10. Receptionist at a dental office 11. Selling souvenir Christmas ornaments at a mall kiosk 12. Mall Greeter
13. Cutting the neighbor's grass for $10/hour
14. Face painter at fairs

The Curators:

A. Dan B. Ann Marie C. Jennifer D. Shawn E. Paul F. Matthew G. Maria H. Megan I. Brooke J. Noelle K. Annie L. Chelsey M. Kendra N. Scott

What is your oddest job?

ANSWERS: 1. F; 2. E; 3. C; 4. L; 5. D; 6. K; 7. I; 8. G; 9. A; 10. J; 11. B; 12. H; 13. N; 14. M