Working and playing together matters

One of the most important things about building a strong company is building a strong culture, one where people value and respect one another, and one where people bring out the best in one another and generally like each other. This is especially important in challenging times, because, clearly, not everyone is going to be happy 100% of the time.

Case in point: when we found out that our newest team member, Megan Andrus, is a fan of the Oregon Ducks. Flummoxed as we were by this choice, both Lisa Kennelly and I both knew that Megan's decisions in the PR world were without reproach, so we let it slide. Heck, we even tailgated together before Saturday's big game.

All kidding aside, I'm a firm believer that we at Curator turn out a better product for our clients because we work and play together. Knowing each other outside the office makes our in-the-office brainstorms and strategy sessions more lively and fruitful. Our knowledge of each other's styles, quirks, likes, interests and more all contributes to a more well-rounded team that churns out better, more interesting and more nuanced ideas. And we have fun doing it.

Have you had similar experiences? Or do you flatly disagree and beieve that work and play should remain separate?