Curator Q&A: Noelle Ibrahim

noelle_2 Name: Noelle Ibrahim Title: Account Executive Joined Curator: March 18, 2013 Go-To Happy Hour Drink: Could I do Happy Hour App instead? If so- sweet potato fries :)

What did you want to be growing up? So I have a funny little anecdote for this question. While in elementary school, I had to complete a family crest with various autobiographical questions. One of those questions included "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and my answer was simple — a princess. Yup. And I'd still be happy to take that job description, thank you very much! Then I changed my mind, and wanted to be a pediatrician instead, but soon realized that I don’t like being around hospitals very much. As a child, I loved to read at all hours of the day (and night), and loved to write poetry and short stories. This led me to the field of journalism, and eventually to public relations and marketing, where I am today.


What’s the most unexpected role you’ve had to play as a PR professional? As a PR professional, I’m constantly finding myself in unexpected roles, which is part of the fun of the profession. Under the umbrella of the communications industry, I have worn various hats, including everything from stylist for broadcast fashion segments, to facilitator on media trips to a client resort in Mexico, to contract negotiator of celebrity spokesperson deals for PR and media opportunities, in my previous position. And there was that one time I took on the role of publicist for talent walking the media line at the Golden Globes. My role was to ensure talent was being seen and heard on one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. You just never know where this industry will take you, which is exciting!


Every Curator has at least one orange item. Which of your orange things is your favorite? I love wearing pops of bright color when I can, and while orange can sometimes be difficult to pull off, I love my orange Converse Chucks. (Chucks are my go-to whenever I’m not wearing heels, which is an extremely rare occurrence.) The color orange always reminds me of a bright sunny day in San Diego (and of Curator of course), so what’s not to love? Plus they are perfect to help get into the Halloween mood!


Name one aspect of the industry that people don't pay enough attention to. I think that in an industry that is relatively all about relationships, sometimes PR professionals have a surprisingly difficult time going beyond building relationships to maintaining them. Once you make a great contact, it’s important to consistently do the little things that help that relationship flourish, such as sending thank you notes, responding promptly, and paying attention to the little details. Really listening to people and understanding their interests and focus helps to ensure that you are being helpful to your contacts, and not simply shoving your agenda on them. PR is all about two-way communication, so make sure you’re leaving a lasting impression, not just a first impression.

Credit: Empowerment Group

What's one piece of advice you have for someone getting out of school or in the interview/job search process? My best piece of advice for recent college graduates, or even those people who are in the midst of searching for a job is to be open to the opportunities that may come your way, even if they might make you nervous at first. You never know what new skills you might acquire along the way, which is an asset in my book. I’m a firm believer in the idea that the skills you develop in one career can be applicable to future opportunities, and may make you just that much better at what you do. (You can check out my Curator blog post on transferrable skills here.) Keep learning, continue to be curious and strive to reach new goals for yourself.