Start Your Day Right, Don’t Skip Breakfast

photo We all know the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, if you’re like me, this can be the first thing to go when you’re in a rush or simply just don’t have anything convenient to eat in the morning. It’s easy to think, "Oh, I’ll just eat when I get to work.” But the truth is, you probably get to the office, your choices become slimmer, and the crunch for time means you might just settle with coffee and opt to wait for lunch.

Don't do that anymore! Here are some healthy and easy options to help ensure that you start your day right:

Juice. While I do have a juicer at home, unless I’m really on top of it the night before, I typically don’t use it in the morning. It’s the mornings where there isn’t much time to figure out what to have before the day takes off, so I find myself in Starbucks or a nearby convenient store. The struggle against the tempting bagels is very real. My go-to Starbucks order is the Orange Mango Smoothie and I add green tea matcha powder for a little kick of energy. Or, I try to find a green juice. I love the evolution fresh juices Sbux carries, but if I’m at a store with more options I also really like Suja Juice, who is coincidently having an awesome mid-summer sale!

Breakfast Trail Mix. Hit up your local grocery store bulk section, or buy ingredients to make your own trail mix (I hear Whole Foods has a great bulk section :)). Customize it however you please using things like granola, cereal, dried fruits and nuts. Making it ahead of time and portioning it out makes it easy to grab-and-go when you’re in a rush.

Smoothies. This might take a little more prep, but if you plan for your ingredients ahead of time, it can be a breeze. Throw in your favorite fruits and yogurt, or go the green route and get a head start on your daily intake of veggies. One of my favorite recipes is a berries, spinach and banana smoothie via Damn Delicious.

Eggs. Hard boil eggs on Sunday night to have them ready to grab all week. Or, if you’re feeling Pinteresty you can mix eggs, peppers, sausage or bacon, and any other vegetables your heart desires and ration into a cupcake tin to bake mini egg muffins that are awesome to grab and reheat throughout the week.  This paleo omelet muffin recipe on Allrecipes is delish!

Protein Balls. It’s been a while since I made these, but I love them and highly recommend! There are lots of recipes online, but I really like this no-bake recipe consisting of peanut butter, protein powder, chia seeds, oats and flax via Shockingly Delicious.

Yogurt. This one might be obvious, but next time you’re at the store, grab some yogurt to keep either at home or your office fridge for an easy snack. Add chia seeds or granola for extra crunch and energy!

Fruit. When all else fails, it’s good to have a little something, so try to keep bananas or apples in your kitchen to grab-and-go when you really don’t have time to make anything. This will at least have something in your system!

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