The Curator News Feed: November 15, 2013

This week, we’re serving up some pretty powerful and inspiring videos and articles. Have you seen Jean-Claude Van Damme’s epic splits stunt? Or the American doctors who carried out 100 surgeries in three days in the typhoon-ravaged Philippines by flashlight? Peruse our favorite stories below and have a great weekend. Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 11.57.30 AM

Why You Should Think Twice About Who You Envy on Social MediaElite Daily. An interesting perspective on the personal use of social media. This article made me think about the times I’ve questioned the sincerity or rationale behind some people’s posts. Taking a step back to look at my own posts and those I follow, I definitely think everyone is guilty of doing a little boasting every now and again, as is the nature of the beast. But I think especially for Instagram and other photo-based posts, the caption makes a huge difference in the way the post is perceived. Do you think more people share or show on social media? — Chelsey

How to Eat an Apple Like a BossFoodBeast TV, YouTube. I’m easily amazed by the simplest things, and I also try my best to not create too much waste, which is why this “you’ve been eating apples all wrong” video blew my mind so much. I haven’t tried this as of this writing, but it makes total sense, and I’ll probably never eat an apple the same way again. Do this, America, and look like that cool person who has shit figured out. — Paul

Toys ‘R’ Us Creates the Most Anti-Science Ad Ever, io9. New Toys ‘R Us TV spot. Funny and a good stunt? Or offensive and about to cause a PR ruckus? — Dan

Communicating Character: The New Business ImperativeCouncil of Public Relations Firms. Character counts more than ever, according to this article from The Council of Public Relations Firms. I agree that consumers are incredibly savvy these days, and that they increasingly make decisions about organizations based on reputation. That’s why reputation management is a crucial aspect of the PR industry. However, reputation should not only be tended to during times of crisis, rather it should be a daily activity. I really liked this line: “Brand, reputation and behavior cannot be managed independently, because they have a collective impact on the public.” How do you think organizations can do a better job of aligning all three elements? — Noelle

MIT Invents A Shapeshifting Display You Can Reach Through And Touch,FastCompany. Welcome to the future, folks. Check out this shapeshifting display from MIT that allows the user to reach “through the screen” to interact in three dimensions. It’s basic, but imagine where this could be in 5-10 years. — Matthew

The Encounter CollectionProcess Creative Vimeo. Incredible example of how to weave a story into a product – handcrafted leather bags from Stephen Kenn. This video is all kinds of dope. — Shawn

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 11.58.39 AM

Salad Porn is Real, and This Company Made it CoolMashable. At Curator, we place a big emphasis on lifestyle brands. And, Mashable shares a perfect example of this concept in action. Sweetgreen has become far more than simply a company that sells salads – its a way of life, a feeling and a movement. Plus, the company actually gets me excited about eating a salad. I’d say mission accomplished! — Annie

Canadian rower finishes solo trek across AtlanticThe Chronicle Herald. My link of the week is an article I found while searching for social content for one of our clients here at Curator. This woman not only rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean after capsizing twice, but is also scared of water. She really went for it. — Maria

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van DammeVolvo Trucks, YouTube. ’Now I stand here before you. What you see is a body crafted to perfection. A pair of legs engineered to defy the laws of physics and a mindset to master the most epic of splits.’ — Scott

Motivational Audiobooks Sends Joggers on a Personal AdventureSpring Wise. We do a lot of storytelling at Curator–from a campaign execution standpoint as well as all throughout the week within the office. But, this kind of storytelling takes a very literal sense and makes you the main character, the hero of your own run. Unpredictable, adventurous, and motivating, because you won’t want to stop until after the 40 minute tale you’re starring in is over. I can’t wait to test it out. — Megan

US docs perform surgeries in Leyte with flashlightABS-CBN News. As busy as we are, its important to raise our heads from our desks and look at the world around us. This has been one of those weeks.  – Ann Marie