Curator News Feed: August 2, 2013

This week we've got tweets that might make you cry, pictures of  ridiculously well-organized workspaces, and a video on dropping everything and flying to a tropical destination, to name a few. Read on for Curator's' favorite links:

A Curator desk. Guess who?

8 Simple Ways to Get Happier at WorkFast Company. I don't have a hard time being happy at work which I'm incredibly grateful for. Though there are times when we all hit a slump and reading over this quick list reminds me what is important to incorporate into my day. I've already decorated my Curator desk with printed Instagrams and inspirational quotes but I think incorporating "walking meetings" into the calendar would elevate happiness and thought process! Which of these do you follow day to day? -- Brooke

Thomas Edison And Henry Ford, BFFs, Buzzfeed. On a recent trip to Detroit my wife and I took our kids to the Henry Ford museum.  The first thing you see isn't a car or a statue of Ford, you actually see a huge tribute to Thomas Edison.  It turns out that Ford and Edison were totes besties.  I was intrigued to learn of the relationship, but not surprised by it.  These were two driven people trying to create huge, world changing things. They inspired each other. There is a biblical quote that says, "iron sharpens iron" and it's so true. When you're surrounded by incredible, innovative, aggressive people, you raise your game. I love the people we work with at Curator — they do just that! -- Scott

Video: This Touchscreen Can Sense Fingerprints, Design News. This touchscreen can sense fingerprints providing the maximum security for users. Awesome idea as it would eliminate the need for passwords completely. I'd be curious to know how much it would cost to actually produce for mainstream consumers. -- Kendra

Heineken | Departure Roulette, YouTube. Not sure what this has to do with beer, but the concept of dropping what you’re doing and being adventurous is pretty freaking cool. Big budget for sure, but fun way to get some brand recognition. Hopefully they serve Heineken on the plane… -- Dan

Credit: Buzzfeed

14 Differences Between First-Time and Experienced ParentsBuzzfeed. In honor of Paul and Nikki's new bundle of joy, some first-time versus experienced parenting silliness. But in all seriousness, congrats to the newest Curator! -- Noelle

30 Ways to Keep Your Workspace Creative and Well-Organized, Brit + Co. I'm pretty sure I had my desk decorated by day two of starting at Curator, officiating my position and making the space truly my own. Everyone here (except maybe Paul because we had to decorate for him) has their own unique style and personality which is reflected in part by their workspace. The tricky part is figuring out how to spice up your desk without taking away from functionality or being disruptive to the overall office aesthetic. This article gave me lots of ideas both for my desk at work, but also my home, because let's face it, work doesn't always stay at the office. Do you have any other ideas for keeping your workspace creative and well-organized? I'd love to hear! -- Chelsey 

On Twitter, Scott Simon's Long Goodbye To His Mother, NPR. I'm so used to thinking of Twitter (and most social networks) as a marketing tool. Scott Simon's goodbye to his mother via Twitter is first, extremely touching, and second, amazingly human. It was a really refreshing way to experience Twitter when so much of the channel can seem robotic. As much as I don't want to make this a marketing lesson and just let the nice-ness of it be, there's a reason people have reacted with compassion and positivity, and I think companies should consider the reason. Social channels give an opportunity to act like a human with a real story no matter the circumstance and people like other people, so do it. -- Maria

Small screen, big newsReuters. As mobile continues to gain on (and even surpass) desktop use, it’s always interesting to see which brands are adapting well for their mobile users, and driving new ones. Yelp, for example, has gone through a series of major mobile overhauls that include smoother, more intuitive geo-centric tools that are ideal for people who need recommendations right now, right here. They are now pushing the 60% mark for mobile users, which is huge for local advertisers. -- Matthew

A Visit to Nordstrom's New Cocktail Bar, Habitant, Seattle Met. I'm interested to see how this new concept will be received, and kind of like the bragging rights of this being the first location to get one. I know that corridor of Nordstrom well, and it seems like a very small space. Plus, it sounds like this bar is brightly lit and offers up a "scenic" view of  the TBD clothing department. Maybe not the ideal atmosphere for a date night, but if I know Nordstrom, I am sure the cocktails are made with lots of smiles and customer service. The real question is though, where does this leave the versatile-genre master of the piano we all knew and loved? You can't do holiday season without his clever adaptations of *NYSNC Christmas tunes! -- Megan

U.S. Adults Now Spending More Time On Digital Devices Than Watching TV, AdAge. The phrase "second screen" — the idea that while people watch TV, they also update their social networks (making their mobile device the second screen) — has seemed a little dated for a while, and now we have data to show that it actually is. The TV is the second screen now, and the point of watching is no longer passive consumption, but active reaction and commentary. In other words, people aren't watching The Bachelorette to watch the show; they're watching to have the context of the reactions being posted to Twitter. -- Paul