Curator News Feed: August 30, 2013

This week we're reading about how the company you keep could be hurting your credit score, how one brand is giving a sneak peak into its new launch, how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream is still alive, and some how techy models can dress up like Google Chrome. It's all here, plus more. Enjoy. 130826141929-facebook-credit-scores-620xa

Facebook Friends Could Change Your Credit Score, CNN Money. Mostly, people talk about the upside of social media – reconnecting with long-lost friends, staying in touch with family across the country, lamenting Miley’s VMA performance…but some people are finding a new downside to having so many friends…apparently, some companies are looking to see if you’re Facebook friends with bad creditors, and that could negatively impact your credit. -- Dan

Glass Ceiling? What Glass Ceiling?, Mama Mia. After the mildly horrifying VMA shenanigans of last Sunday, I just needed to read about amazing women rocket scientists with nine degrees among the four of them. There are so many women accomplishing incredible milestones, and we just don't hear about them enough. Let's keep writing about more women like these, and less about the 'twerking,' please. -- Megan

Yahoo Launches 30 New Logos Ahead of Rebrand, DesignWeek. Okay, so Yahoo has an awesome idea. Over 30 days leading up to the reveal of their new logo/rebranded website they are launching showing 30 different variations of the new logo. This is a great way to keep people checking back on their site and keep things entertaining! -- Kendra

I have a dream, Washington Post. This week marked the 50th anniversary of Rev. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, which is a great reason to re-listen to one of the most important oratory moments in American history. For this, I highly recommend checking out "We Are Still Marching," an immersive site created by the National Park Foundation and Google. The site features powerful photography, much of which has never been published before, as well as interviews and news segments from the time. Prepare to be re-inspired. -- Matthew

 How to Get More Retweets [Infographic], Inspiration Feed. Everything is always better in pictures, right? I think that’s why everyone is loving infographics these days! And, just for a little extra inspiration before the Labor Day weekend, here’s another fun infographic to think through. It does a nice job of simply laying out some key things to keep in mind when your objective is to garner the most re-tweets. I like this one because it incorporates both the visual elements of an infographic, while outlining the key takeaways at the end of each main point. Happy tweeting! -- Annie

Models dresses up as web browsers, This link is mostly for fun, but it's also really awesome. Which web browser model is most like you? -- Maria

On the download:, Chicago Sun-Times. I discovered Keep through a friend this week, and then there went my week. Keep feels like the version of Pinterest I've always wanted; no recipes, no crafting, but all things that I love, can bookmark, and that I can actually buy. I think the model reflects clothes and décor shopping behavior really well. I love that I can "keep" or bookmark the things that I like and then go back and decide what I'd really like to buy; similar to scanning my favorite store, trying on what I like, deciding what works together, and then buying my favorites. The great part is that Keep partners with tastemakers to curate the site. So if you follow the stylists that you like, it's kind of like having a personal shopper. What more could a girl want? -- Maria

Month of Visionaries, Refinery29. More often than not, I find articles on innovators…well…not that innovative. But I’ve really enjoyed digging into Refinery29’s Month of Visionaries series. Every day during August, they’re featuring an interview with someone “turning their professional or creative field on its head.” Looking back, my favorite visionary was featured on Day 1 -- director and producer Casey Neistat. 150,000 million viewers have tuned into his YouTube channel to see his funky, documentary-style, DIY shorts. And with an audience that large, brands have taken notice. He now does work with Nike, Mercedes and New York Times. Take a look at his fun Thanksgiving Dinner video to get a feel for the way he thinks and his style. -- Ann Marie

Pros and Cons of Using Third-Party Apps to Create Facebook Promotions, AllFacebook. Earlier this week, we talked on the Curator blog about some of the implications of Facebook's new promotions rules. This infographic from Antavo is another great resource for navigating the new territory, and can help you decide whether you should run your contest on your Timeline or from a traditional third-party app. -- Paul