The Curator News Feed: November 7, 2013

This week we're reading about the incredible power of Skype, tie-dye clad mall goers of yesteryear, and yes, even a PR case study on Miley Cyrus' recent antics. Whether you need some interesting reading material to get you through your Friday, or need to relax a bit this weekend, sit back and enjoy some of our favorites. 1459048_658939067460214_2143959032_n

VW Creates Interactive Video with Indie Band Walk Off the Earth, FastCompany. This might be the best interactive YouTube ad you've ever seen. Hands down. Check out this (literally) playful, soulful and powerful Volkswagen ad that fits the versatile personality of its drivers. I'll admit I might be a little biased by my love of Walk Off The Earth and Canada, but I don't think that's a factor in my high praise for this video. -- Matthew

Miley Cyrus: A PR Case Study in Flawless Execution, Spin Sucks. Miley Cyrus is a lot smarter than she gets credit for. Anyone who watched the VMAs and thought they were seeing a Mariah-Carey-on-TRL moment (man, I'm old) wasn't paying enough attention. Or rather, they were paying exactly as much attention as Miley and her PR machine wanted them to. She used the appearance to launch a massively successful single and album, and simultaneously shed, once and for all, the ghost of Hannah Montana. It was the pop-music equivalent of Shawn Michaels throwing Marty Jannetty through a plate-glass window (really old) and following it up by winning every major WWF title, only it happened in the span of just a few weeks. I won't defend whatever image Miley's trying to peddle, but she deserves all the credit in the world for executing a successful campaign. -- Paul

Photographer Captures Images of Malls Across America in the 1980s, The Daily Mail. Shopping Malls and 80s style - a killer combination that got my attention this week. Photographer Michael Galinsky recently released his book Malls Across America, which documents his travels to different malls across the country. I kind of love that you don't know where each photo was taken. -- Chelsey

This New Skype Ad May Make You Cry At Work, Fast Company. Well played Skype, well played. And, here's an article about why the Skype ad captures our attention, makes us want to share, and take action. It's a really compelling perspective on story-telling. -- Maria

In Moscow, Squat and Ride for Free, Wall Street Journal Europe. Would you do 30 squats in the middle of a subway station for a free ride? In Moscow, where the Olympics will begin in just a few short months, you can do just that if you're not afraid to show off your moves in front of random passerby. The idea behind this offer is to get people involved in the Olympic games by staying active, a la the athletes. This sight would definitely spice up my morning. -- Megan