The Curator News Feed: October 25, 2013

We've curated our favorite weird and provoking links of late to bring you a fresh batch of the Curator News Feed. Need some Halloween costume inspiration? Want to know the top most-shared brands on Instragram? We've got you covered. Share with us what you're reading, too! Paul Sounders/Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The Most Spectacular Wildlife Photos of the Year, Business Insider. Always love me some good nature photos. This year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition did not disappoint. Check out some of Business Insider's favorite picks, and get even more at the at the National History Museum's site. -- Megan

YouTube Skip Ad Button Helps Highlight the Plight of Ex-Cons, PSFK. Would you give an ex-con longer than a commercial? You probably will after watching this. It's creative, powerful, and a great use of YouTube's Skip-ad feature. -- Matthew

Branded Content Moves the Needle, Per Forbes, AdWeek. There's a lot of discussion these days about branded content and native advertising, both in terms of what it is exactly and its effectiveness. One study, by Forbes and IPG, seems to show that even if we can't yet fully define it, we can see it working. Definitely a topic worth following. -- Dan

25 Clever Halloween Costumes to Wear as a Group, BuzzFeed. It's time to get out the vote! Tell us your favorite group costume and Curator will wear it on Halloween '13 (ok, no we won't, but isn't the roller coaster hilarious?!). -- Ann Marie

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Two Almost Entirely Blank Pages in Today's New York Times, AdWeek. When I saw a few friends tweeting about the "blank pages" in the New York Times, I had to figure out what they were talking about. My first thought was, 'wow, someone is going to lose their job over that mistake.' But then I learned the full story - it's not a mistake, but actually a VERY cool ad for the upcoming film, The Book Thief. Talk about less is more! What do you think about this campaign? -- Chelsey

Check Out the Top 10 Most-Shared Brands on Instagram, AdWeek. UK-based Unruly Media conducted a month-long study on the Top 10 Most-Shared Brands on Instagram Video. Click through to see who made the cut. -- Jennifer

See Baby's Glowing Stick Figure CostumeCNN. Okay, so maybe not the most educating article I've ever shared. But, with it being the week before Halloween I thought this was only appropriate. Plus, this dad's costume idea for his daughter is pretty brilliant. On top of that, it's even more amazing how much interest it received on social media and beyond. Can you top this costume? -- Annie

Graphic Design Book For Kids, Teaches Key Concepts in Graphics and TypographyDesign Taxi. For the last few years my 9-year-old son has shown a real interest in drawing and design. And it's really heightened in the last few months -- to the degree of giving up allocated video game time for drawing, or as he calls it, graphic design. I ran across this today and I'll be getting it for him to stoke the fire. I love it. -- Scott

The 57 Greatest Pet Costumes Ever, Buzzfeed. It's Friday, and it's almost Halloween, so I think this calls for some pets in clever Halloween costumes! Enjoy! -- Noelle