The Curator News Feed: April 25, 2014

m-NOT-A-BULLY-980x645 Take on the weekend with a bit of light reading from the Curator team. From awkward family moments to sweet dog photography, we've got you covered.

Has This Creepy Guy From Mother New York Been Stalking Your LinkedIn Profile?, AdWeek. Being creepy may not always get you far as a brand, unless it's when you're looking for interns. At least that's the approach ad agency Mother New York took in their recent campaign. They created a fake LinkedIn profile, Donald, to look at candidates' pages knowing that his odd photo and quirky description would pop up as "Who's viewed your profile." Creepy indeed. Memorable, yes. Would you apply for the internship? -- Megan

HBO Knows How Awkward It Is to Watch HBO With Your Parents, Mashable. HBO Go just won the internet with its brilliant series of ads that capture its single most important feature. -- Matthew

5 Tips to Optimize Your New Twitter Profile, BufferApp. If you don't have the new Twitter layout yet, you will soon. One of the things Kevan Lee at The Buffer Blog pointed out is that favorites have a much more prominent space. Accordingly, you may want to rethink your "favorite" strategy (I, for example, use Twitter favorites both as a "Like" button and as a read-later button) -- Paul

F.C.C., in ‘Net Neutrality’ Turnaround, Plans to Allow Fast Lane, NY Times. If you thought the Heartbleed virus was bad news for the Internet, things may have just gotten worse. The FCC has done a 180 on its stance on net neutrality—the idea that everyone should have equal access to every site—and will now allow Internet service providers to negotiate priority speeds with content providers. That means sometime soon, Hulu might be slower on a Comcast connection than it is on a Time Warner Cable connection. This is awful because in all likelihood, the cost of this priority will be passed off to consumers, meaning the Internet will turn into cable TV: You'll get a base level of websites you can access, but you'll have to pay more for what the ISPs deem premium content. Or you'll have access to premium sites throttled (slowed down). There are no words for how bad this is, and we should all be completely up in arms. Read this, and write your Congressional representative. -- Paul

Two Guys Suffer Through Relentless Downpours of Food for a Good Cause, AdWeek. What's the best way to raise awareness and funds for an anti-hunger charity? According to these guys, the answer is dowsing yourself in food and filming it in slow motion. See what I mean. -- Annie

This Photographer Wants You To See Pit Bulls As The Sweet, Loving Dogs They Are, Huffington Post. I love a campaign with a great story behind it, and no surprise, has to do with dogs. #Notabully was a campaign started in 2012 and works to illustrate the sweet side of "bully breeds, " primarily pit bulls. What started as a photo series by photographer, Douglas Sonders has turned into much more. The legs of the campaign now include articles, videos and my favorite, all of the user-generated content that's shared on social using the hashtag. Not only is the photography beautiful, but it's such a positive message. -- Chelsey

 5 things your business must do to succeed on Twitter | LinkedIn, LinkedIn. Is your company on Twitter? Here are 5 super quick tips on what businesses should be doing on the social media platform. -- Noelle