The Curator News Feed: August 15, 2014

This week on tap: a grocery store where everything is free, the fried calamari index, hacks to get more out of your day, a other interesting tidbits from the world wide web. Enjoy! SUB--12UP-Calamari-superJumbo

Evolution of the PR Man/Woman, Ketchum Blog. Good read for budding PR pros on the evolution of the PR man/woman as told by Ketchum Europe's CEO. While it's still true that lots of us came from a journalism background, it's also valid that we need to be trend spotters, agents of chance, storytellers and data geeks. It's a lot of hats to wear, but someone's gotta do it! -- Megan

Special Sauce for Measuring Food Trends: The Fried Calamari Index, NYTimes. What do kale and fried calamari have in common? -- Brooke

Copenhagen is Opening a Grocery Store Where Everything is Free, Munchies/Vice. Once again, Denmark has a crazy and forward-thinking idea. The results remain to be seen, but regardless, I'm sure they'll be of interest. -- Maggie 

7 Productivity Hacks that Successful People Use Every Day, LinkedIn. Some helpful hints to help manage productivity and save time. -- Noelle

'Literal Street Style' Series Reinterprets Photography Trend With Random Objects, PSFK. This week needs more humor! Thanks, PSFK, for pointing out this awesome photo series on street style (literally) over at The Bold Italic. -- Ann Marie

Bonus link thanks to Ann Marie: My Shopaholic Bunny.