The Curator News Feed: August 22, 2014

Pumpkin Spice Latte's early return, the secret behind see-through food packaging, and one pretty awesome 13-year-old girl making history. We've got all that and more on this week's Curator News Feed. As always, share with us what you've been reading or react to our post by tweeting us at @CuratorPR!


From the Archives: September Issue Covers, Vogue. Tis the season for the September Issues! I love this archive of Vogue's covers starting as early as 1926. -- Brooke

Starbucks Offers Pumpkin Spice Lattes Early, But There's a Twist, NBC News Hard to imagine having a PSL in hand next week, but I would guess that many will be taking advantage of Starbucks' early release of the fall favorite. Smart to see they are continuing to capitalize on the craze with a Twitter-based scavenger hunt this year. -- Chelsey

What food companies do to make you clearly want their snacks, WSJ. You've probably seen a lot more see-through packaging pop up in stores during the last 10 years, but what's interesting is that it's also changed how food is made. It takes some tinkering sometimes to make sure food stays good-looking after it's been shipped through varying environments and stages of abuse. -- Paul

Mastering the dark arts: Facebook has been the key to Mother Jones’ growing popularity online, Nieman Lab. This is a bit of a long read, but if you have 10-15 minutes, you will find some terrific Facebook insights in here. -- Paul

Stylist Who Spends Every Sunday Cutting Hair For Homeless: 'Every Human Life Is Worth The Same' During those weeks when the news seems saturated with sad stories and morbid headlines, it's always uplifting to hear about those people out there that restore your faith in humanity. To me, this is one of those instances. -- Chelsey

This Is How the Potato-Salad Kickstarter Guy Plans to Spend the Money, TIME. ICYMI, the potato salad guy wasn't just trolling the world. He's taking the $55,000 and creating a music festival where proceeds will go towards ending homelessness in Ohio. The event, aptly titled PotatoStock, will have relevant sponsors like Hellman's and Idaho Potatoes. Clever. Maybe there is hope in this world after all!! But I have to admit I'm still baffled how he raised so much money under the guise of just makin' some potato salad... more power to you, Zach Brown.  -- Megan

Now THIS Is What a 'Sports Illustrated' Cover Girl Should Look Like, Mic. Still cannot get over how cool this girl is, and now she's gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated. So refreshing to see a female role model kicking ass in a boys' sport! Go Mo'ne! Also see her baller quote here, thanks to Paul for sharing it! -- Megan

How Ferguson Exposed Facebook's Breaking News Problem, BuzzFeed. -- Jennifer