The Curator News Feed: August 8, 2014

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A few marketing fails, some food news and more to take you into your weekend! Tweet us what you read this week at @CuratorPR!

Didn't Enjoy Your Hotel Stay? That'll Be $500, Please, Mashable. Yikes! This is not the way to combat negative Yelp reviews. What not to do, here. -- Noelle

Nine West's New Ad Campaign For Women Massively Backfired, Business Insider. Not sure what Nine West was thinking when the shoe company recently launched it's new "Husband Hunting" campaign. Yeah, that's right, Nine West is marketing leopard-print shoes as the pair single gals should wear when on the prowl for a mate. The controversial campaign also suggests women purchase a leather tote bag for the "anticipatory walk of shame" or high-heeled booties to help "Mommy" wipe away "happy-sad tears" when she sends her kids off to their first day of kindergarten. #marketingfail -- Jennifer

The Healthiest Travel Food To Pack Before You Go, Food Babe. This is a serious list of natural food snacks to pack with you on an upcoming trip! I have no travel plans but might stock my office drawer with one of everything. -- Brooke

Turning Off Comments and Why We Will All Be Okay, Chris Brogan.  If you heard a bunch of feathers ruffling at the social media nerd table in the cafeteria this week, it was probably because of this post by Chris Brogan. He's turning off comments on his site in favor of comments on social networks. It's not unprecedented (Seth Godin's done it that way for years), and it's not as big a deal as some people are making it, but it's interesting, and it may be worth considering if you, too, run a blog. -- Paul

Pizzeria Gabbiano Opens Next Week, Eater Seattle. What this neighborhood needs is more pizza, and next week it's becoming a reality! -- Megan